Without Guise

I don’t know. It’s a strange little poem and she will not behave. She changes cadence, discards alliteration, embraces rhyme and then rejects it. She spills over stanzas and pushes at the boundary of my imagination even as she beckons me onwards. Like the protective parent of a wayward child, I see her promise and love her anyway. Enjoy 🙂  ________________________________________________________________________________________

I want to feel the gentle insistence of your lips,

moist, damp,

swollen and seductive.

Get lost in the sweetness of your breath,

engorging me,

sighing deliriously

in my ear,

against my thighs,

emitting happiness.

Crave the wondrous sensation

of your caress,

sliding, gliding, outlining.

from my cheeks to my neck.

Over my shoulders,

down the curved highway of my back,

glorifying gluteus

and the treasure of unclaimed caverns.

Seized in passion.

Butterfly touches.

Lazy, languorous licks.

Tweaks and tickles.

Our feast of tactile madness.

I am totally caught up in

the shelter of your arms

and the me

who reigns supreme

in the mirror of your eyes.

When you touch me

with your mind,

our thoughts,



Your touch transcends lust.

It resonates with inquisitiveness

as you marvel at the uniqueness of our forms

and the pulsating silence of that which cannot be touched.

Or can it?

You reside in every sunbeam,

live in the delicious ripples of water,

roar in the majesty of the nighttime skies.

My love for you is limitless,

also known as infinite.

It is woven into the very weft of my existence –

Without guise.

12 thoughts on “Without Guise”

    1. Greetings Sir Lustiness lol. Well, I read in a highly literary forum the hotly debated idea that erotica is only good if it turns someone on. It seems I’ve passed the “hot” test” 🙂

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