J’adore Erotique Cinema: My Top Twenty

I’ve been fascinated by sex for as long as I can remember. I had my first bumbling, we are conscious of each other’s parts experience at age 10. At 11, I spent a great deal of time skulking about and hunting for illicit trash. What else is a curious virgin to do? Since I spent most of my time with older women because my great grandmother was taking care of me, you might think that would be hard to find. NOT. My grannie was a beautician so I spent most of my free time in the beauty parlor where she worked and it was a place where the 50+ crowd reigned supreme. Yet, in the bathroom, there was a treasure trove of magazines that contained sex stories. I don’t know what kind of magazines they were except to say they looked normal outside, but inside there were some X (not XXX) stories of women shedding clothes, heaving, bared breasts and secret afternoon trysts with big dick studs.

This drew me in a way I can’t describe because I thought, like all kids, that older people don’t have sex. Since that myth was beautifully destroyed, I wondered what else they had to hide. I found, and I was oh so sanguine, novels in our apartment that were pure d smut. lol. I think they were left behind my uncles but wow I was googly eyed. My favorite was a 600 page tome that opened with the VJ-Day parade. The main character ran through the crowd hugging every women he could find. Just like in that famous picture by Alfred Einstadt, that I was to discover many years later, he kissed and groped the women. Deprived of sex for so long he was in a veritable fantasy land. Willingly, they pressed themselves against him and threw their arms around him in their jubilation. Their tears of happiness mingled with the passionate kisses he received, one after another. He grabbed asses, tweaked nipples and ground his erection against the veritable wall of women. Their thrilled reception emboldened and excited him beyond belief. Throbbing and intent, he finally found a  woman who was bold enough, or horny enough, after their heated oral exchange to take his hand and push it up under her skirt. She was pantiless and wet. No words exchanged, she grabbed his hand and lead him to a car in the thickest part of the crowd where they fucked right on the hood. They were partially covered by her skirts but no one took notice. Will you ever look at that picture the same way again? 🙂

That was the beginning, which blossomed into an riveting obsession in my early twenties. I graduated from smut to erotica easily since I was an avid reader and more importantly, I relished the thought of not just having sex, or watching it, but elevating it to an an art form. It remains an endlessly fascinating subject for me, in print or film.

Here, in short order, are erotic films that will never leave me. Some I own. Some I find again playing late night and they are like old friends that I fall in love with all over again :). Some are relatively new and still others are classics. Note that their aren’t many with POC. That should be fixed. And no, Zane doesn’t impress me.

MY TOP TWENTY (Click on links for Nerve’s Hollywood Sex Scene Database)

  1. Body Heat
  2. 9 1/2 Weeks
  3. Dressed To Kill
  4. Two Moon Junction
  5. Body of Evidence
  6. <a href="henry-and-june“>Henry & June
  7. Lolita
  8. Basic Instinct
  9. <a href="boys-dont-cry“>Boys Don’t Cry
  10. High Art
  11. <a href="the-lover“>The Lover
  12. <a href=" risky-business“>Risky Business
  13. <a href="threesome“>Threesome
  14. Secretary
  15. Wild Things
  16. Trois
  17. Devil In A Blue Dress *Scene with Lisa Nicole Carson
  18. Last Tango In Paris
  19. Wild Orchid
  20. Dangerous Liaisons

Would love some feedback and to know what your favorites are.

And yes, I’m cheating this was originally posted at http://www.cocorivers.com 🙂

6 thoughts on “J’adore Erotique Cinema: My Top Twenty”

  1. Coco, you did it again! (In my Britney Spears voice, minus the Oops!) 🙂 First of all, I’m digging this new layout/look on the blog. I’m late, I know, but always right on time…I hope. I love the freedom that you convey in your impressions of and about Erotica. Ain’t nothing wrong with that! I can see why granny and her crew had those magazines hanging around. Heck, if by 50, we don’t know what feels good or aren’t comfortable being open about it, then it’s a lost cause! I think some of the increasing confidence with our body image as we “mature” can be attributed to our confidence in our sexiness, sensuality, and sexuality. I’m a witness! I know what I want, what feels good, and what doesn’t, and when I get it, it usually shines through on the outside.

    As for the films, I can’t tell you any, at least not off the top of my head. Also, I’m happy that I’m not the only person that ain’t too turned on by the likes of Zane. Zip, Zilch, Nada!

    1. Hi Somer,

      You guys never fail to tickle me, I swear. I am so happy to see women who are comfortable with erotic expression. It’s a shame that so many of us are still conflicted. I don’t think it’s healthy at all. My great grannie was a powerhouse, I swear. She had a boyfriend at 70+.

      I have such conflicted feelings about Zane. On the one hand, she opened the door to erotica for women of color. I applaud the determination with which she stood behind her work and got it out there. My problem is that so many of her stories are formulaic. I can’t get through a book without being bored half way through. It’s like pornography made by men and you say “Damn, another BJ? Is that all there is?” So, I wonder if she is a victim of commercialism, or a lack of talent, being lapped up by the unsuspecting public. I loathe that her work is so dumbed down. Eric Jerome Dickey does it better, in my opinion. And you my friend, are always right on time 😉

  2. Coco, you naughty girl, you! I love it when women are open about their sexuality. I grew up in a home where sex was taboo and promised myself I would never raise my kids in the same fashion. As a result, I gave my children the “birds and the bees” lesson as soon as they were able to verbalize the correct name for their body parts. I would have to say that 9 1/2 weeks is one of the sexiest films I’ve ever seen. But of course, at the time, Mickey Rourke was the hottest thing in Hollywood and not the freak he is now. I tell you, all things were better in the past. 🙂

    1. Bella,

      Thanks! My mother was of the same mindset – thank God. It makes so much more sense to create an atmosphere of openness. Never was I so horrified as when I saw the movie about Kinsley which underscored how folks in the 50’s were still completely in the dark about sexuality smh.

      OMG lol. I knew I wasn’t the only one who’s stunned into silence every time I see Mickey Rourke. I tell you if that’s what a life of debauchery does to one, I want NONE of it. In his place, I nominate Chris Noth (Mr. Big) or the delightfully delicious Boris Kudjoe. Yes, indeedy lol. (No, that’s not saliva that you see on the page).

  3. Hi Annie,

    You know, no matter how many times I see Body Heat I love it just the same. The music, the suspense, the acting and plot all do it for me. There are moments in the film which remind me of the best screenplays like “Cat On A Hot Tin Roof” and “A Streetcar Named Desire.” Dark, intense and turgid :). I just said today that I need to see 9 1/2 weeks again, haven’t seen it in years.

    Thank you for the compliment 🙂

  4. I don’t think I will ever look at that photo again without being reminded of your words, Coco!
    I have to give my vote to both Body Heat and 9 1/2 weeks. Pretty provocative and great entertainment. You are a beautiful writer, Coco!

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