Thanksgiving Rocks: Foodies & Funk Addicts Unite

My favorite holiday is almost upon us. You know the one where I get to give thanks for the blessings in my life AND show off my culinary excellence. I love Thanksgiving and I have no shame. I’ve spent the morning crafting my menu and it’s hot lol. So, for all the foodies out there who struggle to make others salivate in a good way. Here goes…

I might include a beef roast for the red meat lovers. In fact, here’s a bonus recipe for Rib Roast, guaranteed for rave reviews. The whiskey gravy is almost better than sex! Props to for making every holiday sublime ;).
I found musical inspiration on YouTube while reviewing and have decided to make a 70’s playlist for my mom, all funk, all the time, so we’ll be grooving as well.

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Rocks: Foodies & Funk Addicts Unite”

    1. Hi Rumbley,

      There is a sausage and oyster cream recipe on epicurious so I think it’s definitely worth a try. 🙂 I usually make a mushroom stuffing but sadly my mom is up for none of that lol. Have a happy T day.

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