“My Week With Marilyn”

Did you hear? A new movie about Marilyn is coming out smh. I’m NOT surprised lol. Click here for the NYT review. Or here, to add your two cents to my previous blog post about our obsession with pop icons.

P.S. – I was in stitches at the reviewer’s comment, “Ms. Williams tries her best, and sometimes that’s almost enough. She’s too thin for the role, more colorlessly complected than creamy, but she whispers and wobbles nicely.The costumes hug her tight, but wrongly round out her breasts, which should thrust like rockets ready for liftoff.” Must have been very difficult to find a full figured actress when the average American woman is now a size 14.  🙂


3 thoughts on ““My Week With Marilyn””

  1. I would have like to have seen Scarlett Johannson in the role. I think she could fill out those rockets ready for liftoff. Although we keep resurrecting poor Marilyn, I do like the premise of this movie and am looking forward to seeing it.

  2. Marilyn is resurrected about about every 3 to 5 years in some way. I suppose she’ll always be somewhat of a mystery. I’m even a little curious about her but I’m not doing any independent research or nothing. She was such a tortured soul and that’s perhaps what the public is most intrigued about.

    Madonna could’ve played her some years back, when she was thicker and younger. I kinda wonder now if Drew Barrymore could’ve been made up to look like her. No doubt that she could play the part.

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