Bon Anniversaire – One Year And Counting

Well, I am two days late but better late than never. Happy Blog Anniversary to Moi. I started this blog last year on 11/28 and it’s been quite a journey. I’m happy about the many folks that I’ve met in the Blogosphere and for all the joy, angst, freedom and fun that has spilled from my fingers as a result.

Looking back over my posts, I can see how my writing has grown and it has served as a wonderful springboard for my other writing endeavors. Some days, subjects have flown from my pen with fluidity and others I have cursed the blank page as I wrack my brain looking for subject. Ah, but the reward for my diligence and persistence has been finer than I knew lol. I’m still shaking my head and looking at Nanowrimo with trepidation but only the strong survive.

I will steal one of Stephen King’s lines when I say, “Thank you, Constant Readers”. Many of you, have shared in this journey with me and I hope that I have provided you with a sometimes much needed respite from reality, an emotional a-ha moment, or inspired and informed you in some way. If not, holla, and I’ll work a little harder :).

Peace, Love & Productivity,



14 thoughts on “Bon Anniversaire – One Year And Counting”

  1. Happy Anniversary. I am glad we have met and you’re an awesome writer. Yes, in the short span of time I’ve been visiting with you, I’ve learned and it has challenged me to think more deeply about my own beliefs because yes, I do have my shallow moments.

    I look forward to more enlightenment and I send many blessings to your writing endeavors.

    1. Hey Totsymae,

      Thank you so much. That was beautifully said and much appreciated. I enjoy your blog and art equally. Well met. *Waving to Annie* I will be entering the next contest lol.



    1. Hi James,

      Oooh! Medieval Mystics, that sounds cool. Must check it out. I enjoyed your other blog at the pics of OWS, great perspectives. It’s amazing to be a witness to history unfolding. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Coco, congratulations on your one year anniversary, friend! I look forward to seeing what you have in store for us in the future. After all, no one knows how to “stir things up” like you do! And for that, I’m grateful. We need more people like you in the world. Otherwise, life just becomes too damn predictable and boring! 🙂

  3. Congrats Coco on your one year Anniversary. This is well worth a celebration! I have been the recipient of your beautiful writing and feel like I should be the one who says thanks for your efforts. Looking forward to a productive second year. You have a lot more to say…that I am very sure!

    1. D,

      The clock keeps ticking and I’m grateful for that. In a year, I’ve written 105,700 words, averaging 700 per post *pats herself on the back*. I’m kinda impressed with myself and grateful for the support. You have the dubious honor of being my #1 fan, so thank you ;).

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