Videos Of The Week #1

Happy Monday all,

I have decided to add some excitement to your lives by posting my favorite videos of the week. I’m going to give myself some leeway as to subject matter since you know how broad my interests are. This week’s are relating to social ills and civil disobedience, amongst other pertinent and heady subjects. Nothing like a little multimedia to brighten your day 🙂

Harry Belafonte on Occupy Wall Street

The Usury States Of America – Bill Maher & Elizabeth Warren


2 thoughts on “Videos Of The Week #1”

  1. Coco, I like this idea, because not only do we get a peek inside your head regarding what subjects are important to you, we also get to see relevant videos that you’ve chosen. I look forward to seeing what you deem worthy. And my goodness, I can’t believe how sharp Harry Belafonte’s mind still is after all these years! I admire his motivation of “being on the quest of justice; especially for all those who need it.”

    1. Hi Bella,

      Happy Saturday! Who you telling? I had no idea that he was an octogenarian, God bless him. Thanks for the compliment, I unearth a lot of crazy and informative madness, thank you Twitter. Actually, trying to write now. I am completely thrown off by the holidays lol. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

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