A Taste Of New York

Well, folks, it’s been a crrrrazy week. I should’ve known I was in trouble Wednesday when I kept thinking it Tuesday. Fast forward to Friday, and I swore it was Saturday. WTF. Color me desperately confused. I blame it on three sunless days and a full moon lol.

All of which resulted in me missing Mumia’s event in Philly, which has me quite miffed. Still, I had fun yesterday when I was supposed to be in Philly and went instead to New York.

It all works out as I am able to share with you some random and hopefully entertaining pics. It’s frivoulous, it’s light and you need something to distract you from the holiday hustle and bustle.

Grand Army Plaza & Soldiers and Sailors Arch

I’ve always loved this arch and right now it’s the closest I can get to the L’Arc De Triomphe in Paris. That’s all I’m going to say about that. (Thanks, Forest.)

Poly Prep Country Day School

Gorgeous, even in the dark. Clearly, home of the 1%. I have a weakness for old things, especially architecture. What’s not to love about such a grand style building. Buildings today are often cold and lifeless. They are majestic and grand structures which sadly do not glory in real craftsmanship. What can I say? Things change.

Unbelievably, when I googled it I found THIS. Alas, all that glitters is not gold. The world is indeed going to hell in a hand basket, it’s not your imagination lol.

Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture

But, there is help:) I liked the door and of course, the sign struck me as hilarious.

Christmas Madness Strikes

Well, you either love it, or hate it. The usual holiday madness is afoot as demonstrated by this house in Brooklyn. Bed Stuy, do or die lol. Just think of all the planning and logistics. They have time on their hands! But, oddly enough, I love it.


 It bears noting that I can’t pronounce the artist’s name. That seems somehow fitting, once you see his amazing works. They were ROTATING in the windows and I just had to jump out of the car to see them.  You gotta love, Manhattan.


Blame it on the alcohol. I only knew that it was a store in Manhattan on Greene Street but yes, I did embarass myself and call the gallery lol. It was so worth it. What I wouldn’t give for the moon or seashell chair!

The journey ends here because I ended up at Barrio restaurant in the Slope. Wherever I go, I find the hood 😉 Seriously though, the Slope has changed since I lived there. The historic buildings remain intact but gentrification has struck and the diversity is gone. The only faces of color in the neighborhood were to be found begging on the curbside, or the many nannies walking kids home. No wonder, since the brownstones now go for a cool 2 million on average and the cheapest rentals are about 2 K. Viva la 1%.


4 thoughts on “A Taste Of New York”

    1. Totsy,

      The weirdest thing, it was actually warmish that night. I can’t get over this crazy azz weather but it was fun wandering the streets. I discovered so much that is still a part of me there. It’s funny how places can leave an indelible impression in your heart.

  1. Oh, I love this, Coco. For our sake, I’m glad you ended up in New York. Beautiful photos and one sicko at Poly Prep! Getting to be more of the norm I guess) Christmas Madness is wonderfully…um…alive, and enjoyed animazing gallery. Fun times!

    1. Hey Annie,

      Glad you enjoyed the gallery! It was fun :). Yeah, the sickos seem to be breaking out everywhere as I saw another piece on the news last night about a sports guy who is accused of child abuse. Pigs. To bad we can’t wave a wand and make the craziness disappear for a bit.

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