Drumroll Please: Blogger Awards – Paying It Forward

Ok, so I have dilly dallied long enough. More than a few weeks ago, I received the Versatlle and Kreativ Blogger awards from Annine Off The Leash. I would like to pass this along to some other well deserved bloggers because it’s the holidays dagnabbit and what greater gift can we give than to spread love?!

1. Alternate Takes – To Angelika, I bestow the Versatile Bloggers award. She is one of the proud, but few, female jazz aficionados/experts out there spreading the word about a precious African American art form, jazz. Her writing is exemplary and I never fail to learn something from her blog, be it about new and upcoming artists, jazz masters, or other noteworthy music. The combination of multimedia and subject diversity makes her very worthy of this award. She’s been Freshly Pressed twice because her words sing. Favorite Posts: Beats, Rhymes and Life…and Jazz and John Coltrane @85: A Jazzy Girl’s Retrospective

2. Sparks In Shadow – Is the recipient of the Kreativ Blogger award. In the relatively short period of time that I have been following her blogs, Words One Hundred and Sparks In Shadow, she has taught me something about the art of perseverance. Some writers are born and others are unearthed in the course of diligence. Sparks has mastered the art of the short, her poetry and tales are undiscovered gems. In them, she somehow manages to convey with brevity the purity and sincerity the multitude of human emotions. She is one to watch. Favorite Posts: Lavender and The Properties of Hydrogen and Helium.

3. One Sister’s Rant – Is the recipient of the Versatile Bloggers award. Bella has a true fan base because her blog NEVER fails to make you laugh. She makes the ordinary extraordinary and so many of us relate. I so love the way she takes her observations and pens them as life lessons. It’s a rare skill which I have come to adore. Her photographs are fantastic too. Her camera must be attached to her hip because she captures the crazy, cool shots epitomizing that Kodak moment. Best of all, she has wisdom to share in spades. Favorite Posts: What Motivates Us To Hang On For Dear Life and Are You Sure This Thing Will Make Me Look One Size Smaller?

4. Moet With Medusa – Jason is the reicipient of the Versatile and Kreativ Blogger Awards. I love his blog because I never know what I will find there, poetry, music, moral challenges, or personal experiences. They are invariably well written and unfailingly interesting. He made me pull out the dictionary for ahnedonia, and I’m still laughing about it. Favorite posts: Esoteric and The Choclate Manifesto.

5. Annie Off The Leash – I’m not sure if it’s bad form to pass the award back to the one who gave it to you but I am thumbing my noise at tradition. To Annie, I give the Kreativ blogger award. Her stories run a wide gambit of subjects and she is an exceptional writer. She has a skill that I associate with Stephen King, she is a bard. Once she starts spinning her tale you are invariably drawn in, which is the mark of a natural storyteller. I hope one day to see her writing in print. Favorite Posts: The Beast Within and How I Became A Comedian

6. Dark Faerie Dreaming – She gets my vote for Kreativ Blogger. If you are a lover of poetry, you must check out this blog. Her poetry is just beautiful. I dare you to read some and not shed a tear, nod your head in wonder, or find yourself cast back to a moving moment in your life. Favorite Posts: Whisper and Of Rainbows

7. The Ramblings of D.A. Adams – Last, but not least, I give the Kreativ and Versatile Blogger award to D.A. I love his blog it contains everything, posts on writing, as he is a fantasy author, fatherhood, teaching, entrepreneurship, organic farming and political ramblings, to name a few. While I dig most of his posts, my absolute favorite are the political ramblings. Such a great idea and they are an absolute scream!. He’s a great writer but more importantly, he’s a great person :). Favorite Posts: Sarah Palin Ramblings and  Entitlement Ramblings

P.S.- For those that do not have it, I’m BEGGING you to put Archives on your blog sidebars lol. And yes, I’m also supposed to include 7 things you don’t know about me which I have elected not to do. Why? It’s 5 AM and time for a nap lol 😉

15 thoughts on “Drumroll Please: Blogger Awards – Paying It Forward”

    1. Hey Jueseppi! Thanks so much :). I dug yours as well and will return the favor. In fact, will be linking to your “Reading Is Fundamental” post shortly as I consider it a must read.


  1. Coco, I want to echo all the wonderful things said about you above. 🙂 You’re not only seriously talented, you’re a sweetheart! Intelligence, creativity, talent, and niceness in one person — these make your blog one I enjoy, and learn from, over and over again. I’m so glad we’ve come to know each other. Thanks for spreading the love. It means a lot to me. ❤

    1. Hey Sparks!

      Thank you so much, I’m touched. I hope it, and the others you’ve received, spur you on to greater heights :). You deserve them. From such transitory meetings, friendships are born.



  2. Coco,
    You are quite frankly a marvelous writer with such passion, wisdom, and wit that it was easy to pass you the awards. Whether it is politics or erotica, you shine. Even if it breaks rules, I appreciate you passing it back to me. What I have to ask…Can you really write this beautifully at 5AM? Here is what you would get out of me…kktenn3# %#&ddhit. Thank you again, Coco! Hope you are sleeping now! Time for me to read your other nominees…there are a few I’ve never had the chance to meet.

    1. Awww Annie,

      I was to verklempt yesterday to respond, as unprepared as I was for the many beautiful compliments you guys have cast my way. Thank you and you’re more than welcome. I love visiting your blog. I’m still laughing at your 5 AM comment!!

  3. Thanks so much for the acknowledgement L, it means so much more coming from you. As usual your descriptions are beautiful and well written. Thanks for turning me on to these other great blogs as well. Now, I have some new heat to check out on my daily blog journey. Thanks for transmitting your wildly passionate Cancer energy my way. *smile*

  4. Coco, lady, I just got up and do you know what you have me doing? The victory dance! Oh yeah! Thank you, pretty lady, for your gorgeous, (no other way to describe how your words make me feel!) description of my wee blog and blogger powers! It literally makes me want to shout, I’m King of the World! Thank you, chica, thank you so much! I love your blog and it’s no wonder the wise and witty Annie would present you with an award. Congrats, sister! I will definitely check out the other bloggers you’ve passed the award to! And get some sleep or you’ll turn into me! 🙂

    1. Ola Bella,

      See, there you go again, making me laugh. I am glad to have been the cause of your victory dance lol. You knew you were wonderful but every now and then it helps to get a little reminder. 🙂


      Sleepy in NJ

  5. Coco, you’re so full of energy and passion. I am blessed our paths crossed. I write simply, straight from my heart.. I see it as a jumble of heart over head sliding to the page,hence am humbled that you find my offerings worth such attention.
    Hugs, fellow dreamer xx

    1. Hi Gypsy,

      Today, I feel like sludge lol. I, too, am blessed at the connection and am glad to have found you. You are more than worthy of the attention. Be well and happy holidays.

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