What Are We Thinking: The Politics of Immorality

I don’t know too many folks, Democrat or Republican, who are happy with what is sure to be a protracted, ugly election. The stakes being so much greater than we knew in 2008, the country so fractured ideologically, the uncertainty of the way forward and the racist, vitriolic hate that continues to infect politics have made it much more serious. Not to mention things like the Patriot Act, NDAA, SOPA, or Voter Id suppression laws.

We are splintered.

The GOP candidates are a joke and liberals are feeling pretty confident of the election outcome considering the glaring deficiencies of the opposition. Contrast this against sane, honest Republicans who will tell you flat out that they are disgusted with the choices before them.

Let’s not forget that there is a third crowd waiting in the wings who are so disgusted with the choices before them that they will not consider any candidate before them but are seeking a third choice. Enter stage right, American’s Elect. Few, seem overly concerned that this will splinter the vote in ways as yet unforeseen.

Regardless of political affiliation, Americans want their country back on track and they want it like yesterday. They don’t care, if they ever did, about the Bush years or the 30 yeas of past political policies and apathy that has led us to this place. Nor, did they seem to hear President Obama’s pre-election prognostication that addressing the economic woes of the country and meeting his objectives would take time. This, even without knowing the scope of the struggle before him.Boy, was he right.

Such is our right. No one wants to hear logic (snark) as they suffer and sacrifice. That doesn’t mean the response is realistic, it just means that it is understandable, in terms of human behavior. Unfortunately, it is just during these times that LOGIC is required to stave off panic and make a sound choices, politically or professionally. Handing our country over to those with “extremist” ideas is the greatest danger I can imagine.

I understand that people are looking for a way out of misery and when circumstances force them to do that other things get left by the side like decency, morality, kindness and concern for one’s neighbor. I’m not being funny, history is filled with such instances. That’s exactly what’s happening when you see people cheering about the uninsured dying just because they against socialized health care.

They are looking for a scapegoat which is a very human proclivity, illogical at best. This might be time to remind people that the current difficulties caused by our do nothing congress rest squarely in the hands of Americans. Those who took their emotions, instead of rationality, to the voting booth and those who chose not to vote at all.

The one thing we all agree on is that our country is headed off the rails. What was bad before has become starkly worse. Issues are bubbling up like lava and people are taking to the streets in their sheer disgust that the political process, financial institutions, educational systems, healthcare industry and corporate giants are failing us in a stupendous fashion.

You may have noticed that the GOP candidates have no qualms about leveraging misinformation, racism, sexism, feminism, homophobia, warmongering and hate mongering to win the presidency. Those who are carefully watching keep calling them clowns and laughing at the circus they’ve created but now would be the time to acknowledge that things are as unfunny as they can get (or so you hope). It’s one thing to see a few misguided individuals espouse crazy theories and it’s quite another to see just how many people are comfortable with their ideas, uphold them and follow them. I’m not feeling that even one little bit.

Just look how many people their strategies work on.There seems to be an atmosphere of apathy and willingness to believe the spin of what MSM (mainstream media). The strategies of the GOP wouldn’t be so successful if their wasn’t an entrenched camp of Americans who refuse to read and research their candidates before choosing them. One has only to connect the dots to the corporations which control MSM to understand the inherent media bias and power which is being leveraged by and for the 1%. It’s not a conspiracy, it’s fact.

Ignorance of the political process and political history of candidates is inexcusable thanks to our technological age. The information is there simply waiting to be found.

That said, I can’t believe that people actually know about the history of some of the GOP candidates and still consider them viable options

Adulterers, liars, rascists, elitists, paranoid conspiracy theorists, warmongers and homophobes?! This is your choice? Where is the OUTRAGE of the Republicans that these are the choices put before them?

I respect anyone’s right to choose a candidate, or party but I can’t accept, even in times such as these, that any significant part of the populace is so incredibly immoral that the utterances and behavior of some of the candidates are not immediate disqualifiers for the President of the United States. Not in 2011.

How is it possible that the GOP base is not disgusted by:

  1. Ron Paul’s who under the banner of libertarian espouses ideas that are contrary to most civilized, sane folks. You know like racism, bigotry, homophobia, paranoid delusions and issues with civil rights to name a few.
  2. Rick Santorum who has laughably surged in last few weeks to become a real contender, seemingly because he is the best of a bad bunch. No concern at all about his racist rants? Delivered in a room full of White people and there was not one expression of shock or outcry against his glaringly inaccurate comment.
  3. Newt Gingrich’s unethical past and eat the poor policies. Don’t get me started on the Lunar colonies OMG.
  4. Mitt Romney’s only consistency, inconsistency. Some would call that lying.
  5. Michelle Bachmann who seems to be a warmonger amongst other things. Last week, it was rifles and this week she’s arming the missiles to show Iran we mean business.

That’s just a few. I stand staunchly behind the right of all human beings to make mistakes but these are not mistakes, they are flagrant, long-standing patterns of behavior, in most cases, which speak volumes about their belief systems They actually believe that spinning diatribes of hate and divisiveness will appeal to a section of the population and that will be sufficient to win the vote. Either that or they are better students of psychology than I.

It boggles my mind and makes me wonder at our decent, civilized and exceptional society. Where is the outcry and demand for better?

Radical as this, we should all agree that glaring issues of immorality and ethical issues, are disqualifications for the office of POTUS. Not one of the GOP clowns is fit to fill the shoes of our President. Considering what we are up against, maybe it’s time to set some other qualifications for the highest office in the land? You know, while we are demanding to have money removed from politics. What about keeping out the crazies and hatemongers? Right.


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