7 Things You Don’t Know About Me…

Happy Sunday! Ah frivolity, I am finally posting doing this post as I should have when I received my awards from Sparks In Shadow. What can I say? I like going against the grain…


1. I am a travel buff and thus far have been blessed to visit Hong Kong, Singapore, Bali, Malaysia, London, Jamaica, Antigua, Canada and Mexico. In the US, I haven’t been quite as prolific. Texas, Florida, Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis, California and Las Vegas.

2. I love Reggaeton. No, I don’t understand what they’re saying but something about it appeals to my rowdy heart ;). It’s adult content I’m afraid. Do videos come with ratings? Hmmm.

3. I’m an animal lover of gigantic proportions. I watch the nature channel obsessively lol. Unfortunately, I also have ophidiophobia. I am insanely afraid of snakes and have been all of my life. It is somewhat of a liability for a landscaper but I’m working it out.

4. I am a beach bum at heart. I have long fantasized about running away from life to go the one place on earth that epitomizes peace and beauty for me, Bora Bora. There are beautiful videos showing more of the island but frankly this is the only one that I could stand. Why on earth do they choose such corny music?

5.  I was a juvenile delinquent, kinda sorta. Ok, well definitely lol. I spent a good portion of my spare time in HS  hanging out with my friends in an abandoned lecture hall at LIU. It was our secret hangout. We needed a place where else could we re-enact scenes of teenage madness without adults looking on. There are few things that teens won’t do to escape the eyes of authority and mull over their “woes”. What a joke. Oh how, that makes me laugh now!

6. I am obsessed with Astronomy. I watch science shows with eerie fascination. Maybe, in another life I was a cosmologist.

7. I still watch cartoons, when I can find them. Only Looney Tunes, mind you, but there it is. Bugs Bunny, Tom & Jerry and Pepe La Pew will always be hysterical. I have a real hate on for newer cartoons, so many of them are just NOT funny, so much as strange, in my opinion.


4 thoughts on “7 Things You Don’t Know About Me…”

  1. Great facts about you. I have only been to Bora Bora once, but since going it lingers in my mind as a place I HAVE to return. It is such an incredibly romantic and beautiful experience. I hope all your travel dreams are fulfilled!

  2. Hi Totsy,

    LMAO. Thanks! Ok, so I have considered Alaska because I would love to see the whales but man, the cold puts me off something fierce. I’m convinced that some places man just isn’t meant to live and we persist like idiots. I am SO not down. I’m looking for a minimal layer environment ;).

    Wishing you more wicked ways lol.

  3. Now I’ve got the inside scoop. 🙂
    Wish I’d been more of a juvenile delinquent. What’s a life if not lived on the edge a little? Plain ole me. I look forward to a tale of two on that. Great travel spots. Ever thought about going to the North Pole? It’s there for you if you wanna go where few people have been. I’ll send you a scarf before you leave.

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