Debunking the Ron Paul Myth…..

If you too have been wondering WHY people, most incredibly so-called Progressives and Liberals, have been advocating Ron Paul’s candidacy, you MUST read the following piece, “Of Broken Clocks, Presidential Candidates, and the confusion of certain White Liberals” by Tim Wise. It is a thing of beauty.

It’s veracity, logic and historical references leave no room for argument. He strips away the false equivalencies that have been used as tools in the criticism of President Obama and underscores why the 2012 GOP narrative is so morally objectionable. Including “noteworthy”, and I use that term loosely, Glenn Greenwald of Salon.

I clapped so hard that my hands hurt. The brain really is the sexiest organ,  just in case you were wondering.

This is an excerpt from the article:

When you support or give credence to a candidate, you indirectly empower that candidate’s worldview and others who hold fast to it. So when you support or even substantively praise Ron Paul, you are empowering libertarianism, and its offshoots like Ayn Rand’s “greed is good” objectivism, and all those who believe in it. You are empowering the fans of The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged, in which books they learn that altruism is immoral, and that only the self matters. You are empowering the reactionary, white supremacist, Social Darwinists of this culture, who believe — as does Ron Paul — that that Greensboro Woolworth’s was right, and that the police who dragged sit-in protesters off soda fountain stools for trespassing on a white man’s property were justified in doing so, and that the freedom of department store owners to refuse to let black people try on clothes in their dressing rooms was more sacrosanct than the right of black people to be treated like human beings.

See, believe it or not, judgment matters. If a man believes there is a straight line of unbroken tyranny betwixt the torture and indefinite detention of suspected terrorists on the one hand, and anti-discrimination laws that seek to extend to all persons equal opportunity, on the other, that man is a lunatic. Worse than a lunatic, that man is a person of such extraordinarily obtuse philosophical and moral discernment as to call into real question whether he should even be allowed to go through life absent the protective and custodial assistance of a straightjacket, let alone hold office. That one might believe in unicorns would still allow one to profess a level of sagacity and synaptic activity in one’s brain several measures beyond that of the man who thinks liberty is equally imperiled by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission as by the CIA.

That any liberal, progressive or leftist could waste so much as a kind word about someone as this is mind-boggling. There are not many litmus tests for being a progressive in good standing in this country, but one would think, if there were, that surely to God, civil rights would be one of them. It is one thing to disagree about the proper level of taxation, either on the wealthy or corporations: honest people can disagree about that, and for reasons that would still permit one to claim the mantle of liberalism or progressivism; so too with defense spending, drug policy, trade, education reform, energy policy, and any number of other things. But the notion that one can be a progressive, even merely liberal, while praising someone who believes that companies should be allowed to post “No Blacks Need Apply” signs if they wish, and that only the market should determine whether that kind of bigotry will stand, is so stupefying that it should render even the most cynical of us utterly bereft of words. It is, or should be, a deal-breaker among decent people.

I’m STILL clapping 🙂


8 thoughts on “Debunking the Ron Paul Myth…..”

  1. This was wonderful to read, Coco, but then I am in choir.

    The problem I’ve seen about many of those who support candidates like Paul is that they really don’t care. They’re happy to agree with (or ignore) the first paragraph of the excerpt above.

    1. Mr. Ken Caudill,
      I would venture a guess you missed a lot more that the point of this article. Do some research on Ron Paul, and find out who and what your chosen candidate stands for. Legalizing marijuana so pot heads can smoke all day, and allowing America to become a sitting duck militarily are not options for this America….not to mention Paul is an avowed racist white supremacist. BUT you go ahead and waste that vote on Ron Paul….a snow ball has a better chance of NOT melting while resting next to my roaring fireplace than Paul has of ever occupying the White House as POTUS.

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