Videos of the Week #7: A Day In History

Ah, yesterday. Isn’t it amazing that a date can shift with meaning based on historical events?

Just think, on January 21, 2011, Newt Gingrich won the Republican South Carolina Primary. On the very same day in 1997, he was fined $300,000 for ethical misconduct. The first Speaker in history to earn that umm distinction. Amazing!

Does yesterday’s vote indicate the collective amnesia of our citizenry, the corrosive effects of time, or the amazing propensity of humans ability to forgive? *Arched eyebrow* Inquiring minds want to know.


In the very strange hallways of my mind, the following cartoon has leapt to prominence as a result of yesterday’s election. Three guesses on who The Brain represents and who’s Pinky ;)…

Well, you have to give Newt one thing, he sure is quick on his feet when it comes to slinging mud and tapping into the lizard-like mindset of bigotry and anger that infects many Americans.


3 thoughts on “Videos of the Week #7: A Day In History”

  1. Folks would like to ACT like they forget, but they don’t; rather, they simply extend a “pass”, even if it may be at the expense of their best interests all in the name of defeating President Barack Obama.

    Well, I got his back too! 🙂

    1. Empress,

      I LOVED Pinky and The Brain. Why do they cancel all the good stuff? Sniffle. sniffle. lol.

      I think that’s true, hate trumps common sense and I would really hate to see a country lead by one of these clowns. Listening to them, makes clear they want to go back to some glorified version of America’s past. The thing is, it was only glorious FOR SOME :(.

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