Persisting Through Darkness

***For Alex***

Sadness has a sound,

which is the absence of sound.

The weight of words unspoken,

and the heft of things grown heavy.


It is grief unfettered.


Sadness has a feel

pervasive and real,

that turns even rays of sunlight to steel.

It enwraps with shroud-like insistence,

invasive and unbidden.


Sadness has a touch,

a stealthy loving hand

that melts the bones of resolution

and invites one to sit

when all you need is to stand.


It is the great Un-knot.

The me not me

and not yet not.

The mathematic subtraction

and zero sum of all equations

that erodes life force.


But when you start from zero

there is nowhere to go but up.


Days have come and gone for me,

with windows closed

and blinds drawn,

where the sound of ringing phones,

and helping hands of friends recede

– mirage-like into a milky distance.


I cannot say what called me back,

my faith in God,

the memory of love’s warmth,

an insistent strength at my core,

or a combination of all three.


I’m just glad to be here,


and gestating joy,

fine-tuning the skill of persisting through darkness…

14 thoughts on “Persisting Through Darkness”

  1. Persisting through darkness is something I relate to well. So more beautifully fluid and enticing your portrayal though than the real time fumbling. This offering brings words that give light.. it’s a beautiful post my sweet friend.So many enchanting phrases conjuring wonderful imagery…


    1. Hey Gypsy,

      Your compliments always put a smile on my face because you’re poetically masterful.

      It’s one of the wonderful things about poetry, that it has the transformative power to beautify even darkness…Happy to herald your return 😉


  2. Coco, this is beautiful! It’s powerful, emotive, deep–all that is you is projected in this poem. Your voice rings loud and clear with every word, lady. Sadness. Who can deny it changes us to the very core? I’m loving the new banner!

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