Game On! State of The Union & Martin Bashir Smackdown


I’m proudly calling this the Rope-A-Dope interview! I just LOVE the way Martin Bashir reels Rep. Joe Walsh in and just when he’s feeling all comfy on his podium of Tea Party destructiveness and the Obama derision train, WHAM!  Now, that’s PATHETIC!

Three cheers for those who are sickened by hypocrisy, immorality, the ongoing cycle of lies and negativity that has become the GOP and have the guts to call out idiocy wherever they see it. As Joe Walsh so succinctly opines, “the proof is in the pudding.”

I’m so loving Martin Bashir right now and can I just add he’s a truly spiffy dresser? Elegance, brains, chutzpah and eloquence ;).


And now, for all that is not pathetic, contrary to John Boehner’s ridiculous prediction, have a listen to the State of The Union. It was a thing of beauty.

The proposals and policy items put forth in the State of The Union speech were truly progressive, and a real indication that President Obama is actually listening to the populace. At least, those of us not obsessed with taking the country backward by a 100 years. His speech was sharply optimistic, in contrast to the Republican mantra of negativity, a smackdown on Congressional obstruction, a call for accountability and cooperation needed to get our country back on track. His salvo on banning Congressional insider training, the announcements of a Mortgage Crisis and Financial Crimes Unit, to name a few things, were RIGHTEOUS. Great recap article from Politico here.

He may not be perfect, but I have every confidence that with the right Congress behind him he will do an excellent job. I couldn’t help but note the truculence, petulance and obstructionist attitudes of the GOP which were on full display, not standing or clapping for many American milestones and value based statements SMH. And John Boehner? Let me gloat for a minute. He looked discomfited for much of the speech and jumps (with fear? guilt?) when President Obama references him LMAO. GAME ON!!!

“Fighting obstruction with action…” President Barack Obama


9 thoughts on “Game On! State of The Union & Martin Bashir Smackdown”

  1. Coco, I was eager to get your thoughts on the State of the Union address! I know how passionate you are about this subject! President Obama will forever have my respect for being the one to bring our troops home from Iraq! The day he finally announced that the last of our troops were leaving, I cried. So many deaths, so much sacrifice! I believe he inherited the worst load any president can inherit and with even with the lack of support from Republicans, he continues to make strides. Great post, lady!

    1. Hi Bella,

      Can I tell you how flattered I am? 🙂 I am indeed passionate and borne up on waves of terror. If we think we’re doing badly now I can only imagine how much worse it would be under anyone of the current GOP candidates. *Fans self*

      A lot of left leaning folks refuse to give Pres. Obama his due citing things like Guantanamo Bay & NDAA. Those are indeed things to be unhappy about but they should acknowledge that lacking control of the house has been a tremendous impact on his success and yet he has been effective anyway. Bless him for his perseverance and strength :).

  2. And what a smackdown it was! How in the world did this guy ever get elected? And I am probably about to answer my own question but people was so blinded by their own racism. Even if he owed half that amount of child support, that’s a big sum when you consider the state of the economy. What a loser!

    1. Morning Totsymae,

      You gotta love a smackdown!! I swear people are crazy. What are they putting in the water? Do they even bother to look at candidates besides whatever rhetoric pops out their mouth? Or, is everybody just excusing it like they do with Ron Paul? SMH. I think it’s hysterical and just that they have started a bill to keep people out of office who more than 10K in child support 😉

      1. They shouldn’t even be allowed to be behind. I mean, what’s the excuse? If they can raise money to campaign for office, there shouldn’t be an issue with child support. I guess it really is all about putting the “country first.”

  3. Dude should’ve just opened his mouth without saying a word…just leave it wide open…because it all sounds very hollow. My 3yr old says “it sounds like nothing!” Siddown clown!! 🙂 See what happens when I read posts too late at night? You get my no-holds barred, alter-ego.

  4. Hi Annie,

    Thanks! I have a lot of respect for Mr. Bashir, he has quality shows and wonderful guest spots, not to mention the courage of his convictions. I was also happy to see today that President Obama’s proposals had a 91% approval rating according to a CBS poll – AWESOME!!!

    Now, if we can get rid of all the obstructionist idiots in Congress we might stand a chance.

  5. Wow…I missed that Rope-a-Dope interview with Joe Walsh. Thanks so much for posting it. LOVE how Bashir reeled him in and then asked a question about his own personal integrity. Since when did integrity become a taboo subject for politicians? Also, have to say…President Obama’s speech last night was eloquent. Still am angry that the Republicans could not find it in their souls to clap. Under all obstacles he is getting the job done. It could be so much easier with a little compromise. Great post, Coco!

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