Happy Black History Month: Who’s Your Unsung Hero?

I’m big into sharing and I had to share this, it’s such an auspicious way to start the month. Their idea so closely mirrors mine but the dividends are so much bigger 🙂 . The NAACP is looking for unsung heroes in honor of Black History Month. Check it out and spread the word!

You can also check out a video on the Origins of Black History Month here.


DuBois. King. Parks. Aaron.We know the names of these African American heroes and many others by heart. Their legacies are synonymous with our centuries-long struggle for civil rights and social justice.But while America lauds the achievements of these inspiring historical figures, recognition, acclaim and fanfare too often elude those within our communities whose names aren’t quite so familiar, but whose impact is just as vital.Black History Month is a time to celebrate the full range of achievements African-Americans have contributed to our nation — not just those whose names have been inscribed in our history books. That’s why this year we’re continuing our new tradition of celebrating the unsung heroes of black history.Who’s your unsung hero? Nominate him/her now for our 2012 Black History Month Unsung Heroes campaign:


Last February, we received hundreds of great nominations. We heard about community leaders like John Brown Erwin, who mentored students from North Carolina A&T State University during the 1960 Greensboro sit-ins, professionals like Michael Coard, a pro bono attorney who in 2010 helped secure the creation of the first slavery memorial on federal property, and athletes like Major Taylor, a cyclist who became the first African American athlete to be named world champion and the highest paid athlete – black or white – of his generation.

Each of their stories moved me, as did their unyielding desire to make the world a better place. Their achievements inspire me, and serve as timeless examples of the need to celebrate our unsung heroes.

This is your time to recognize the teachers who ingrain Banneker and Bethune into the hearts and minds of the next generation, the civic activists who evoke Truth and Evers in their fights for civil rights, or the youth leaders who channel Poitier and Fitzgerald to help our children reach for the stars.

We are lucky to have people who go above and beyond what is asked of them in communities all over our great country, and it is an honor to recognize them for the important work they do to make tomorrow a little brighter.

Take a moment to nominate a hero in your own life for our Black History Month Unsung Heroes campaign:


Thank you – we look forward to reading your nominations and sharing your hero’s great work with our community.


Benjamin Todd Jealous
Pesident & CEO

P.S. Throughout Black History Month we’ll be texting daily facts about important accomplishments of African-American artists, inventors, teachers, soldiers and leaders. Text HISTORY to 62227 for daily black history facts and information.

Standard data and messaging rates may apply.


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