Poltical Gaffe of the Week: The Award goes to…Mitt Romney

Every week it seems, I hear some insane new statement coming out of the GOP field that leaves me reeling with outrage spitting fire. This week, the prize goes to Mitt Romney, fresh from his Florida Primary victory, he told Soledad O’Brien that he was “… not concerned about the very poor…”

They are adding up my friends.

1. The first Black president has now been affectionately dubbed the Food Stamp president.

2. Newt Gingrich thinks poor kids should be janitors and has more passion for creating lunar colonies than for helping the disenfranchised.

3. Rick Santorum doesn’t want to give Black people handouts. Excuse me, Blah people.

4. Ron Paul thinks “fleet-footed Negroes” are a threat to Whites and supports arming yourselves, illegally of course, for protection. So fleet footed are the Negroes that they can apparently only be stopped by bullets.

And on and on.

Mitt’s statement has reverberated through the airwaves and cyberspace like a virus. It’s easy to see why, there are approx. 46.2 million Americansliving in poverty now and that number increased by 2.6 million from 2010.

It did not surprise me that Mitt thinks of the poor as irrelevant to his ends. His career, say Bain Capital, offshore accounts, and economic proposals make it obvious that his primary concern is the über rich.  What surprised me was that he had the absolute gall to make such a bald statement when he is running for President of the United States. It just boggles my mind that he could possibly be so stupid. So much for his Harvard education. Let me say for the record that it was not a gaffe, it was his unedited belief. Or, as Freud would say, his subconscious unleashed.

It is a polarizing and divisive statement sure to incite rage in the masses who are currently obsessed with income inequality and rightly so.  The leader of the United States is elected to lead ALL Americans, not just the ones with the biggest checkbooks, “normal” sexual orientation, “correct” religion, pale complexions, or his Ivy league, English speaking, upper class contemporaries. It wouldn’t take a rocket scientist, or senior political analyst, to determine that his statements, and even the clarification, were not even a teensy bit politically savvy.

Then, you can move onto your justifiable outrage at the immorality of that statement. It is the poor of our society who need the most help. This is a basic tenet of every major religion known to man. I didn’t think the Mormons were different, please correct me if I am wrong. The poor need access to quality education, affordable housing, food, and viable employment opportunities, all of which are at an all time low. All of which, are being attacked daily by the Republican party and their minions. To hear Mitt Romney tell it, only the Democrats are concerned about that and the “safety net” which the government is gracious enough to provide. That’s a joke. in and of itself. Do we not ALL pay taxes? Aren’t taxes supposed to ensure your right to assistance when you need it? And are not so many of us in need? Right.

What we do not need is anyone even remotely resembling Willard Mitt Romney.

Some politicians do a marvelous job at fooling people. They are great actors, no pun intended. They spin rhetoric so floriferous and fine that you would give them the shirt off your back. Not Mitt, he is a poor player on the political stage who seemingly has a very difficult time speaking unscripted, which underscores just how inauthentic he is.

I have long opined that I could not possibly vote for any of the GOP candidates because none of them know what it’s like to walk in the shoes of an average American. Lacking this very salient experience, they simply can not relate to the aspirations and struggles of their constituents. Some wealthy people are an exception to this rule, like John F. Kennedy. Some people are simply more compassionate and empathetic. Others, are driven to embrace the diversity of humanity by their moral and/or religious beliefs. Sadly, not one of GOP candidates, Mittens in particular, displays these characteristics, or any real moral fiber. If we judge their behavior in the light of morality, every single one of them comes up short. Like Napolean lol.

There are many characteristics that make a good leader but moral character is one of the most important. It is the thing that connects them to the individual, not just the body politic, helps to bolster them in times of duress, and minimizes the very corruptible influence of politics, wealth, fame and power.

It is obvious that Mitt and many other GOP candidates play to a particular mindset and class because poor people don’t vote. Historically, it is the middle and upper class who vote because the system works for them and so they believe in it and uphold it. That needs to change. It began to change under Obama. It is under attack this year with voter suppression laws just to minimize that very possible reoccurrence.

My bet is that Mitt will have completely exhausted his supply of political currency by November, if he hasn’t already done so. I hope that he and the mighty GOP have succeeded in putting a fire in the belly of those cynics who dismiss the importance of politics in general. I hope the poor are so pissed off that they flood the ballot boxes in defiance of a system that continues, inexorably, to attempt to crush the lives out of them by dismissing their very existence and stacking the odds against them. It would be a wonderful way to show Mitt and his cronies just how very much the poor matter and what solidarity means. But that’s just me. I’m paying attention and I can tell you I am very pissed off.

This made me happy. Check out The Goldie Taylor Project because the truth matters.


13 thoughts on “Poltical Gaffe of the Week: The Award goes to…Mitt Romney”

  1. Actually, in a way, I am glad the GOP candidates look more like clowns getting out of the trick car in a circus act, than people who could actually be President of the United States. Though it would be better for the country if one political party was not a total joke.

    While there are the racists and the staunch R’s who would never, ever vote for Obama, I am hearing from a lot of my Republican friends who are saying, “Even though I don’t like many of the things Obama has done, there’s no way I can see myself voting for ANY of the current Republican candidates.” Obama will either have their vote, or they’ll stay home, and this will be a very good thing for our country. I can’t wait to see what he’ll do in his second term.

    1. Hi Beverly,

      I agree with you 100%. The country would be better if we had viable candidates from both quarters. The ongoing deadlock in Congress speaks volumes about divided gov’t and raises justifiable concerns in many quarters about the two party system SMH.

      My Republican friends are equally distraught and upset at the candidates which makes me laugh a little in secret. I believe Obama will do phenomenal things in his next term with a Democratic majority. The sheer number of endeavors coming out of the WH right now is nothing short of amazing and inspiring.

  2. I still worry how many people, no matter their political affiliations, either don’t care what happens to the poor or want to agree with this ass that the poor have myriad safety nets and don’t need a second thought. There are people who pass the homeless on the street and still get angry about their tax dollars being wasted on the poor. It’s as if they’re blind. How do we make them see what they don’t want to see?

    1. Sparks, one thing to keep in mind – a large number of the homeless on the street are mentally ill. *Some* of them do have other places to go, even very nice houses with family, but because of their illnesses, they “choose” to live on the streets (i.e., they stop taking their meds, think the FBI or bad guys are after them, and leave their homes or living facilities).

      Of course, mental health services is one of the first things that gets cut in a down economy, so these people don’t receive the counseling & attention that might persuade them to stick with their meds.

      A large percentage of the people in jail are mentally ill, as well. It’s just a horrible situation, the way we treat the poorest among us, and the very rich, like Romney, are the ones who hoard their pennies the most.

      1. Thanks for mentioning this, Beverly. I’m appalled at all the ways our society ignores mental illness (although it’s as physical a problem as heart disease.) It’s the hardest part of the problem. In ways other than homelessness or crime, mental illnesses keep people out of the job force because it’s harder to be ‘perfect’ in a job interview when one can’t afford the services they need to be emotionally healthy or able to ‘fake it’.

        I wrote about this when Mel Gibson was in the news last. If he feels difficulty in dealing with his emotional problems in the public eye, with all his money and access, how on earth do the poor deal with society’s perceptions coupled with the lack of resources for those without insurance or money? There is no safety net for the mentally ill who have no resources or family who care.

    2. That’s a great question, Sparks. The country must swing in a different direction than the GOP wishes to take us in. Everyone doesn’t need to see although it would be nice if they did. The only answer I have is to vote officials in office who do see and to engage in activism to make the change we wish to see.

      There is a fundamental selfishness that seems to infect Americans and impede our progress. I watched a guy on Twitter the other day raving about how the pre-existing clause in “Obamacare” is an abomination. The person he was talking to (who by the way has a brain tumor) asked him how one can plan/prepare for catastrophic illness and he just blustered on in the most illogical fashion saying he didn’t want his tax dollars to be spent on such a thing. As if such people are losers and slackers who never contribute to the system with their tax dollars. It reminded me of the people cheering at one of the GOP debates about the uninsured 20 year old dying SMH.

      It boggles the mind that people have such a lack of sensitivity and basic knowledge about how civics and the taxes work. YOU don’t get to pick everything your tax dollars get spent on, for Christ’s sake. Things are supposed to serve the greater good and not just your personal interest. Why are we still lagging so far behind other nation’s with universal healthcare?

      I still feel that in many ways the US is a young nation, displaying a lack of maturity and moral fiber, tripping along and screaming “Me, Me Me” at the top of her lungs…. What year is it anyway? 🙂

  3. Mittens? Is that his name spelled out or were you being facetious?

    Whatever his name is, he REALLY put his foot in it this time. And a sock. He just can’t seem to pretend that he cares ’cause, well, he doesn’t. Mitt is a an who’s accustomed to success and there’s nothing wrong with success but winning the presidential seat should not be an aspiration to put another feather in his cap. He’s TOTALLY disconnected. And he doesn’t recover well because of that damn sock still jammed in his mouth.

    1. LMAO. I’m cutting up, Totsymae. That’s what folks call him in the Twitterverse. Cute, huh? 😉

      I agree, he seems to have foot in mouth disease! It just goes to show that education and age mean nothing when coupled with one’s personality and experience. He can’t seem to overcome them. I just want to duct tape his lips shut and leave him in one of the many closets, in one of his mansions. One can dream….

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  4. Empress,

    The shame and the horror ;). I was in hysterics today at a commentator who quoted Emerson. “Foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.” YES, indeedy!!! All this madness has unfolded and it’s only Feb. I shudder to think what’s next. They will write books about this mess, you wait and see lol.

  5. It would be a compliment if I called Mitt Romney an a**hole. He is a whole a**, as in complete and total. His admissions will surely backfire when he and/or the rest of the GOP, tries to chip away at Obama for being “out-of-touch” and “elitist”, as previously believed. These cheap shots at Obama and his administration will surely resound shallow soon enough. Thanks for your brilliant…and humorous…spin on the circus. The saga continues…

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