OMG Did I?

Damn technology. I’m feverishly working on a blog for my landscaping endeavors and I created it under the same account for ease of management. Naturally, I assumed that posts on that blog would go to people who followed it. I was horrified after creating a test post to get a confirmation msg that it was sent to all my Streams of Consciousness followers :(.

So sorry!

My bad, Ms. Fast Fingers has struck again. I don’t know if it’s a bug, or I set something incorrectly. Just didn’t want you guys to think that I was trying to highjack y’all from one blog to another without so much as a by your leave lol. I will fix it and for those who are garden geeks, I will send out a post when the site is fully operational. Otherwise, please disregard.

This is what I get for working at 3 AM 🙂

Have a great weekend!


17 thoughts on “OMG Did I?”

  1. Morning all! I didn’t receive any notification from your garden blog, Coco. It won’t be long before I come a’knocking for some gardening advice, though. I’m looking forward to a joyous Spring already!

  2. I saw that, and didn’t mind seeing it at all, it might be good to cross post….I don’t garden thanks to my grandfather “making” me do lawn work all summer long as a kid, but I love to see garden photos.

    1. Hey Jueseppi,

      The plot thickens. You received it even though a bunch didn’t SMH?! If only I understood what was going on lol. What a pain in the butt.

      Your grandfather loved you! The way things are going saavy folks are returning to growing their own food. 🙂

      1. I’m gonna savvy my Black butt down to the farmers market and pay savvy money for what somebody else grows. I spent every Saturday mowing grass, edging lawn, and raking leave during fall….not to mention fertilizing….in the hot blazing sun.

      1. Pick up the telephone, dial your nearest lawn service, explain to the receptionists your needs, and within the hour you’ll have that yard looking like a golf course putting green my Twin. When I had a yard, that was the extent of my yard work.

  3. I didn’t get one either, Coco. Maybe this is another of WordPress’s problems like when they DON’T send subscribers a post, or stop sending all posts to a subscriber without giving anybody a heads up.

    1. Hi Sparks,

      Such a pain in the keester. Is that how you spell it? Yes, someone should explain why WP does all these flaky things SMH. I’m hoping it’s NOT working that way, otherwise, I will likely have to recreate it with a separate logon. C’est la vie. Happy Saturday!

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