Cognitive Dissonance


I sit by the phone,

surrounded by sibilant whispers

of stormy skies.


The fluidity of movement

brings your beauty to mind.


Nighttime whispers

of yearning so deep

descend upon me

with stealthy sweetness.


This yearning has mass,

swollen with want,

testimony to tenderness

and the lingering melody

of my touch.


I know from past experience

that it dissipates

only in the showers of love

which rain down in your presence.


I touch my lips to the pane

and shadows of rivulets

create etched patterns

on my careworn face.


Breathtaking minutes

dance past,

while I transform their

fingers into yours,

wending their way

down the arch of my back.


I arch into you,

closer to honeyed warmth

and the sweet syrupy goodness

that awards me for my patience.


“Take me”

a whisper that is all

the encouragement I need.


As hands assail clothes

and gentle thrusts turn

to the hard insistence

of love tinged madness.


I grasp this,

our ethereal alchemy,

in the absence of something more concrete.


I hear a rip

and discover your bra

hanging forlorn from my teeth.


Your moans enclose me

– wanton.


I kneel to you

in submission of what you make me feel.


My arms can’t hold this much bliss.


I drink to satiation,

temporary as it is,

all curves and lips,

hips and finger tips,


and a chorus of cries

that urge me to

the precipice

– stranded on a cliff.


The cliff of your absence.


Our love is

all angles and curves,

as you recede in the distance

becoming cognitive dissonance…


10 thoughts on “Cognitive Dissonance”

  1. Oh My… Ms. Rivers. I’m thinking after reading your verse several times–that maybe it isn’t over until it’s over!
    You have a gift…that’s for sure.

      1. LMAO Which I haven’t posted in since last year *hangs head* but it’s on my to do list this week. Nonetheless, it has some decent material. I’d be honored 🙂

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