The Garden Blog Announcement

Hi! Sorry to have been MIA for awhile. If you’ve been watching the headlines you know my fingers have been itching to write some posts about the political train wreck that is unfolding. WHAT CENTURY IS THIS AGAIN?!

Instead, I have been cursing, not so quietly, in private. As a landscaper, this is one of the year’s busiest times for me as we are in full preparation for the start of the garden season. 5 weeks away!!! Daylight savings time begins on 3/11, if you can believe that happy crappy.  For me, it’s almost a pleasure when it begins as that’s the easy part. Right now, I am focused on equipment maintenance, budgets, taxes and marketing – for a start. lol. Not to mention, a fierce regimen to slough off winter pounds UGH.

So, for those of you that are interested,  check out the brand spanking new blog, Garden Synergy. It will be as varied as this one but pertaining to all things green.

For those of you that are not, posts here will resume this week. Oh, and since I have not met even my expectations for Black History Month, you can expect me to carry it forward to March and beyond…

Happy Planting!!!


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