Video of the Week #9: GOP Fearmongering, Judge Cebull & MHP on “The Second Face of Power”

1. Aha! The proof is in the pudding. I watched this with my mouth on the floor. I can’t even explain why I was so shocked but indeed I am, be it from the stupidity of the Fox News for so shamelessly spinning lies, or the shortness of the collective memory of the American public. Can we really be this gullible and uninformed? Don’t answer that.

Watch this clip from the Ed Show and be sure to let me know what you think.

2. If you haven’t heard about the scandal that is Judge Cebull, you need to watch this clip. I am up in arms and head over heels with disgust at this mess. It has shades of Rush Limbaugh but with darker gradations. After all, this man has the power of life and death over people. It’s just impossible in my mind to believe that he could deliver fair and balanced judgements if this is taken to be an indication of how his mind works. I agree with Karen Finney, that he is indeed old enough to know better. It’s another question altogether about why it is so difficult to remove a judge from the bench… And no, I’m so not buying that it was just a joke. It was fathoms away from funny.

3. I find Melissa Harris-Perry’s new show to be fascinating. I applaud MSNBC for creating shows with intelligent, rational, informative and balanced perspectives. It’s a relief from the insanity of Fox News.

That aside, you may also be wondering at the rapidity of changes in the National conversation. Back at the end of Dec., we were obsessed with OWS, inequality & the 99%. In the last few weeks, the contraception insanity and Rush Limbaugh debacle has unfolded. Of course, there is also the grinding ax of the GOP candidates ranting about gas prices. Now, while they may all be relevant to you, some is clearly just nonsense taking up space in your already overcrowded brain. Like most of us, you are thinking about getting a job, keeping a job, paying down your debt, keeping your home, getting a home, upgrading what you’ve got and how to stretch your dollars to meet the rising cost of…everything.

And yet, the GOP and the Right seem obsessed with everything else. It’s not your imagination, it is deliberate. Welcome to election year 2012.

This segment of the MHP show deals with this conundrum and I found it very educational. She’s good at that, she’s a teacher after all. Her show is definitely worth a second look as it deals with a variety of topics, not just political and has a fascinating assortment of guests – 4 weeks in. I can feel my brain stretching 🙂

4. Ode to one of my favorite singers, the unforgettable Teena Marie who passed last year. She would’ve been 56 on March 5th.


6 thoughts on “Video of the Week #9: GOP Fearmongering, Judge Cebull & MHP on “The Second Face of Power””

  1. Coco, please tell me why Fox news is still on the air? I’m not familiar with Melissa Harris Perry’s show. I’m sure they don’t have it here in Europe which is a shame since you’ve piqued my curiosity! 🙂

    1. Ah Bella,

      I wish I knew SMH. I routinely avoid channel 5 for the most part as a reslt lol.

      No, I’m sorry I don’t think they do have MHP BUT you can always visit the MSNBC videos of it on the web. Yeah, maybe not lol.

  2. Hey Coco, great post. Can you please include the links that take us directly to the specific episodes of the MHP and Ed Show that you refer to? The links here take us to the general/intro pages, and not directly to these episodes. 😦 I’d like to comment intelligently. 🙂

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