Videos of the Week #9: Miniature Worlds & Nature

Sorry for my long absence, work has me in it’s grip lol. Better to be working than not. Yes? Yes. So short and sweet just to say I miss you all and hope you had a groovy weekend.

I’m on a quest for totally mindless entertainment and found some much to my delight! Some days you need that ;).


1. The Sandpit – A Day in the life of New York City

2. Chicago’s Very (tiny) Own


1. Frozen Planet which premieres tonight!

2. Fishing at Victoria Falls

3. Aurora Borealis Noway Jan 2012

P.S. – I started to include a viral video called Jon counts to 100,000 but it is IMO just a symptom of what idleness can do to a perfectly good human lol.


8 thoughts on “Videos of the Week #9: Miniature Worlds & Nature”

  1. Coco, I was about to tweet you to ask, lady, where you at?? I’m glad you’re busy you know what they say about idle hands! hee hee! You’ve outdone yourself with these video picks! I love every single one of them! The one of the Aurora Borealis is my favorite! 🙂

    1. Hey Bella,

      Thanks! Glad you enjoyed them. Isn’t the Aurora Borealis gorgeous? It’s so wonderful that it’s a naturally occurring phenomenon. Few things beat nature :).

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