For those of you who wonder where I’ve been…

I’ve been treading water. Think I’m exaggerating? Read on and let me know if you STILL think so at the end.

As many of you know, I am the proud owner of a small landscaping company. It’s still new and I have a staff of 3 doing the work of 6 people. Hey! It’s still in it’s infancy lol. Spring, for reasons plantaholics will find understandable, is my favorite time of year.

The confluence of events that have transpired has ensured that I will never forget 2012, for more than the election. *smirk*

February blended seamlessly into March as I bent myself feverishly to the administrative and marketing tasks that come along with the start of landscape season.

I was focused, psyched…

But most importantly, determined.

Determination is easy to cull after three of the long months of of inactivity, stress, more stress, and steadily dwindling finances, due to the warmest NE winter in record. This winter, beach baby that I am, I actually prayed for snow.

God replied, “No can do.”

So, as we often do in the absence of cooperation, I set my sights on another goal – Spring.

I saw an early Spring as a gift and indeed it was, in many respects.

When I had a few precious moments to catch my breath, I grew heady at the rapidity with which I was moving through my to do list.

That same force of will drove me to drum up lots of Spring startup work from my clients and launch my first newsletter.

I was so successful that we had seven weeks of work booked solid and we hadn’t even begun. Woot!

“Man proposes…God disposes”

Ah joy, you fickle mistress.

On 3/17, my erstwhile employee of three years called out for the week due to a family emergency, leaving the burden of startup on my fiance and I.

We did not panic, we regrouped and soldiered on with dollar signs dancing in our eyes.

On 3/21, I received word that my work truck needed work to the tune of $5,000.

When I protested, the number miraculously dropped to $3,000.

It was then that something akin to panic stepped in and stopped all brain function in it’s tracks for about 1 hour.

I stopped the work and took some time to contemplate my next move. New truck? Or, work out of car? What to tell all the clients who were eagerly awaiting lawn work, designs, paving?

Ye gods.

Necessity as they say is the mother of invention.

We decided to use our personal vehicle while we looked for a new truck, a sane mechanic, or both.

Week 2 arrived, finding us somewhat worse for wear but ok….

until we realized that our employee was still MIA. No response to texts or phone calls.


Never let it be said that rage is not a nice motivator.

I swear many people’s bushes were pruned and lawns were raked/stabbed in record time due to the bubbling anger that came over me whenever I thought of the sheer fuckery of the fates.

But it got done.

Week 3 arrived to find us utterly exhausted working 6 days a week, indoors or out. And you guessed it, still no word from !?%! (aka employee).

At which point, I gave in to the idea that we needed a new truck. No way could we continue on with this tiny vehicle lol, nor could I continue splitting my days bt. office and client sites. My fiance, trooper though he is, was running amok with a crick in his neck and an aching back.

It was then, that my neighbor, a mechanic offered to work on the truck for us at a reasonable rate and I started searching for a replacement.


Not quite.

Week 4 and we ran through three guys in one week! Only one of them lasted two days. All in their 20’s and not ONE of them could keep up with my fiance who’s in his 40’s. What does that say to you about today’s youth? RIGHT.

FINALLY, last week, we found a replacement who has brains and stamina (pray for me that he lasts the season). The truck is now operational AND we have purchased a trailer. That was in the works but had to wait as we had no truck.

Jeezly crow. Had someone told me this is the kind of mess I’d be up against with when I took this path I honestly don’t know what I would have said LMAO. Certainly, I wouldn’t have believed that some things, seemingly so easy, would be so difficult. Like finding good help *clears throat*

Now, sleep restored, bills almost caught up, three designs done in spite of all the difficulties thrown at me and a few new clients in tow…

I am proud and happy that I am free to once again revel in the love of nature that led me to my business. When they say labor of love, they are NOT kidding. I am also somewhat impressed with my own reserves of strength which I thought depleted. It is that fortitude that I will take with me to tackle bigger things.

“Not too bad, kid.” As my boss used to say to me ;).

Next post, I will share some of the design pics with you. And hopefully, you will all forgive me for my long absence. Believe me when I say, I MISSED YOU.

9 thoughts on “Resurfacing…”

  1. Coco, I’m glad you’re back! I missed you :).

    Also, if you were in Minnesota I’m sure I could have kept up with your fiance! At 24 I’m just hitting my stride :P. (Is it obvious I’m looking for a job, lol?)

  2. Coco, and you’re back, like a hurricane, sister! Yay! I’m so happy to see a new post from you! I’ve missed you like crazy! And oh my goodness, does that sound like a hell of a month! Like Annie, I got tired just reading it! Today’s youth ain’t got nothing on us, sister. They don’t have the drive or the determination and they get tired simply from walking up a flight of stairs, let alone prune, rake, and plant! I’m so happy your business is booming and that the truck situation has been handled. Let us pray that the MIA employee shows her face soon! 🙂

    1. Hi Bella,

      Thanks! I’ve missed keeping up with you guys as well. I failed to realize what a big part of my day you guys became, whether to tickle me, enlighten me or make me ponder. Happy to be back. As for MIA employee, he’s toast. I’ve moved on to the next one ;).


  3. Welcome back, Coco! I’ve been wondering what happened to you. Just reading your post made me exhausted. Did you ever find out what happened to your first employee? At least it sounds like you got a replacement. Glad you have loads of work and that you’re back to say hello to those who have missed you!

    1. Hi Annie,

      According to FB, he’s lounging in Texas. Cretin lol. I am just recovering from my exhaustion and being happily self indulgent :). Hope all is well with you.

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