Veracity Unchecked: Stephen King to Mitt Romney & His Minions

This made my day lol!

Stephen King just happens to be my favorite horror maestro but I have long said that I respect him for his mind & courage. He worked hard for years and dealt with years of rejection slips before he became the GIANT he is today.

Before his well deserved fame, he and his family struggled mightily as he worked two jobs and wrote at night. They lived, like most of us, one paycheck away from being destitute. In fact, when his first book offer was made, they had to call him at his school because his home phone had been cutoff. Sadly, that was a routine occurrence.

Reading his piece in the Daily Beast, it’s clear to me that he not only has conscience but, unlike many, has not forgotten from whence he came. I always love people who become successful but do not let it change who they are at core. It’s a sad truth that fate is fickle and many hard working and talented people die penniless. Think, Van Gogh…

The only way that we will achieve tax fairness is if the GOP is voted out of office in November. Clearly, they will not see logic for all the reasons that Stephen so beautifully articulated in his piece. Truth speaks volumes.

Check out the article here and get your smile on today :).


3 thoughts on “Veracity Unchecked: Stephen King to Mitt Romney & His Minions”

  1. Coco, I wanted to cheer as I read Stephen King’s piece! Beautifully delivered and articulated. Let us hope that people wise up to the fact that candidates like this have no place in government and don’t get me started on his position regarding gay marriage! 🙂

  2. “I love me some Stephen King!” Said with the best twang I can muster at this hour. 🙂 Even other well-achieving, high paying folks can see the fallacy in Romney’s politics. I vaguely remember Romney (and the rest of the GOP camp for that matter) referring to Obama as an elitist four years ago, but oddly now, Romney’s commentary paints him as the real elitist in the room, detached from the core values of America.

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