Warning – Derailment Ahead

So, y’all know I am obsessed with politics. I have no shame lol. It’s important and besides that it has become strangely…comedic.

Comedic, that is, if you don’t pull out your hair at the other end of the spectrum.

But momentarily, let us dwell on hilarity because it is always a nice place to visit. Check out this segment on Micheal Coffman from the Ed Show. He is a snake oil salesman in motion.

My God, I really did come to tears after seeing this. Is it not Un-friggin-believable? What made him think this would FLY? He released a written statement which I did not bother to read. One can write anything but when faced with truth what do you STAND for? Looking at that video, the answer is nothing good.

Prior to this, I had no familiarity with Congressman Michael Coffman. Nor, am I sure that my life has in anyway been enriched by his presence. In point of fact, I am sure it has not. I pray to God that the man serves what remains of his term and disappears into the land of ignominy that he so richly deserves.

Here’s the thing though. Doesn’t his statement sound eerily familiar? Have a gander.

Right! So there’s your primer for the lack of leadership, ineptitude, dishonesty, disgracefulness and all around spinelessness that is pervading American politics. It defies the imagination that our politicians are jumping on the bandwagon of extremist rhetoric and when called out for their idiocy do not have the grace, intelligence, or strength of character to come correct. It makes me sick, honestly.

The whole Birther movement phenomenon is disgusting to behold. It reminds me of some of the most shameful times in our history. Think Communism, Salem Witch Trials, McCarthyism.Uncomfortable yet? Yes, you should be.

Many people dismiss the Tea Party as a lunatic fringe and the Birthers as a trivial “minority”. I am not one of them. After laughing at the complete ludicrousness of outlandish sound bytes, I am transfixed with skin creeping disgust. What year is THIS? Are these our choices? Why does jarringly hateful rhetoric seem to be on the rise? How on earth could so many people be fooled into thinking that these people will represent their interests in office? They cry govermental cuts and a return to personal responsibility while passing contracts to corporations and taking money from them at the expense of the people. These are the sadly regrettable facts.

Apparently, even SCOTUS is suspect. Corporations are NOT people.

When you dissect the Birther arguments, all that remains is eerie, rabid  irrationality which even in the face of FACTS, will not be silenced. Pesky little things, facts. No one can convince me that fear, racism and greed are not at it’s root.

From a political standpoint, we know unequivocally that expanding the sphere of money and power are at the root of the political shenanigans we’re seeing. I do so want to read Draper’s book, “Do Not Ask What Good We Do”this book.

But what pray tell could be driving ordinary citizens to such extreme positions? Are people really this narrow minded and stupid uniformed?

I have many theories but all too few answers and in the end it merely leaves me uneasy and ashamed. Yep, ashamed.

The next time you hear a politician begin a statement with, “I Stand By”, be very wary. Talk is getting cheaper by the second. You may not think this is the most important election of your lifetime but it is definitely in the top three. I am looking for a flashing sign that reads “Warning – Derailment Ahead”.


3 thoughts on “Warning – Derailment Ahead”

  1. That man with glasses is right, this is fucking hilarious and we should be laughing. I have gotten so disgusted and angry with politicians and ignorant people and their stupid legislation. I need to just be laughing bc people with such stupidity, hatred and vindictiveness in their heart never prevail in the end. What still bothers me though, are these idiotic drones that vote for these people. I’m gonna use Louisiana as an example. As much as I hear people back Home bitch about Obama and the economy and defecit and blah blah, the republican primaries showed me what issues were REALLY important. All dumbass santorum had to was say Jesus or prayer or christian and no free contraception and the whole fucking state forgot about that fucking defecit they had been harping on for years. People are dumb girl, and I get mad about it bc I can’t get a crow bar and beat the ignorance out of them and no one wants to learn anything anymore so why try and teach them something? I guess I’m just gonna laugh this shit off bc in reality, it is pretty comedic. I think Obama hasn’t and won’t run to hawaii to get his damn birth certificate for all these idiots bc he thinks it’s funny too. I swear, we spend 8bil annually on a culture war and we are in a trillion dollar defecit and y’all wanna see a birth certificate?! Man, get a fucking life or go write some fucking legislation for your white idiot folks back home. Lmao omg

    1. D,

      The shame and the horror. I’m so concentrating on other parts of my game that I did not respond to your comment even though I read it when it came in. Guuurl, you are spot on! I just read it again and I am still equal parts enraged and hilarious. Sadly, I think the next 5 months will bring even more of these moments. The moment when you recognize that many people are just too damn dumb to be bothered with and are equally terrified that they have a VOTE SMH. I really do hope that they surprise me or that the part of the electorate who has the sense to vote in our best interests prevails.



      P.S. – No crowbar for you lmao.

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