The Illuminating Bloggers Award

I’m delighted to have received the Illuminating Bloggers Award from Somer Empress of Life As An Art Form. If you’ve not checked out her blog, do so toute suite. You wouldn’t want to miss out would you? 😉

We are all lights shining in the darkness. I hope that occasional flashes of brilliance arise from the miasma of my mind and that you find here, in equal parts, joy, illumination, knowledge and laughter.

Here are my choices for other Illuminating bloggers:

  1. Sparks in Shadow
  2. Mutuo Consensu
  3. Moet with Medusa
  4. Wine and Words
  5. Point4CounterPoint

Should you choose to accept this award, please adhere to the guidelines that require you to: leave a comment at the original award site indicating who nominated you; share a random fact about yourself, and lastly; award five (5) bloggers for this same award. (Let them know that you’ve awarded them as well, perhaps on their About Me or Introduction pages.)

If Romney wins I’m seriously considering relocating outside of the US so vote Obama lmao. That’s kind of a joke. Kinda. I’ve always wanted to live somewhere else, exotic and beachy. Of course, Europe and Africa seem to be in similarly dire straits which only leaves the Caribbean IMO. This might be my chance lol! Keep hope alive…


8 thoughts on “The Illuminating Bloggers Award”

  1. Many thanks wonderful Coco! I am just coming off of an internet break, so I am just seeing this nomination. I am humbled. *bows to you*

  2. Well earned and deserved, my fellow Joy Seeker! Romney President? Just can’t! Spitting nails. Cheers!

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