The Shame and The Horror…The End of Robsten (Updated 9/10)

The fur is still flying! Found this great piece by Nico Lang which I wholeheartedly agree with. Check it out.

Where does the time go? I wish to God I knew. It can’t really have been almost six weeks since I wrote a post? I hang my head in guilt and shame. Apologies to self and to followers.

The truth is that I have so much to say I have no idea where to start *Scratches head*. So many topics, so little time. The vagaries of life? Aging with reluctant grace? Foreign trips gone horridly awry? Gun violence and denial? Climate change and the hottest summer on record? Milestones which seem to be passing me by with stealthy silence? Or, *drumroll please* the utter horror I feel at Kristin Stewart and Robert Pattison’s breakup. Why? PLEASE GOD LET THEM HAVE COMPLETED FILMING FOR THE LAST TWILIGHT MOVIE .

LOL. Selfish, I know, but true. So, indulge me in seeming frivolity, while I rant about the latest celebrity breakup. I peeked at an article yesterday about Robert & Kristin’s breakup. Apparently, their three year relationship has come to an end because of Kristin’s affair with married, 41 year old, Snow White and The Huntsman movie director, Rupert Sanders. Surely, you must have heard the shock waves. There goes the end of Robsten, or so it seems.

No, you’re not impressed?

You should be. Twilight fans are all atwitter, no pun intended. Teenage girls are actually making VIDEOS of their angst that Kristin would betray Robert. THIS -> is a damn mess right here. ***Video contains profanity***  She is straight up trippin’.

Yes, I too, could not believe that people would act out in this madcap fashion. What a travesty that it went viral SMH. Shameless self-exhibition to be had, courtesy of a YouTube click.  It is indeed a sad sign of the times.

Depending on your age, your reaction was probably similar to mine, another day, another Hollywood breakup. But dig a little deeper. What does the resounding outrage and angst of American teenagers reveal? An unhealthy obsession with celebrities to say the least. To live vicariously is one thing, but this is gives new meaning to taking it over the top. I guess they believed the hype “image” of Kristen, thereby denying her humanity and God given right to SCREW UP.

There are many people to be sorry for in this story. Not the least, Liberty Ross, the gracious and beautiful wife of Rupert Sanders. Poor Robert Pattison, the cuckold, and in my opinion, Kristin Stewart. You heard right, Kristin Stewart.

Kristin is 23!! Now, while that doesn’t excuse her betrayal it should at the least make it understandable. She made a mistake. Not so unheard of at such an age and, in my opinion, she is apparently too young to be in a three year committed relationship. Some people are the exception to this rule, clearly she is not.  Star she might be but she is still young, impressionable and naive. She does not have the benefit of experience and a love untested is doomed to fail, so say I. Robert Pattison has learned the truth of this adage. Poor guy, he was apparently ready to propose.

The real culprit in this debacle is married Rupert Sanders, her senior by eighteen years. Surely, he should have known better and surely it’s a small step to conjecture that by benefit of age, wisdom and position (director) he manipulated the situation to his advantage. Any woman who has ever been a subordinate to a man with wealth and position can attest to the complicated dynamics of such a relationship. Yet, in our wonderfully sexist society it is Kristin who’s being called Trampire and being positively skewered by the press.  It is Kristin Stewart who’s labelled as a tramp, seductress, has-been, cliché. Look at this piece by Joanna Malloy of the Daily News. She says that both are to blame but spends the bulk of the article eviscerating Kristin. It’s positively hateful and is it me, or do I detect a hint of envy? What else can be construed by the following statements:

“What’s she got to be unhappy about? Not only does (did?) she have Pattison  and a boatload of money, she also has connections: Both her parents have worked  in movies all her life. She’s a Hollywood princess, born on third base. She’s  not even as beautiful as some of the young women in our newsroom.

To paraphrase the man in the classic movie “Casablanca,” I was shocked,  shocked to hear that an actress had had a fling with her director, in this case, “Snow White” director Rupert Sanders. Two weeks ago, Stewart was the envy of  aspiring actresses everywhere; now, she’s just a cliché.”

See anything wrong with that? Trash talking journalism at it’s finest. I swear my eyes were burning after I read that filth. Poisoning the minds of the public, not that it apparently takes much.

If you are justifiably outraged, why would one party bear the brunt of the blame?

Well, we know why. This behavior is expected, and more importantly, accepted, by society. Men get a pass, a slap on the wrist and so goes it. I find that flat out disgusting. He will go on making movies and she will be branded with a Scarlet Letter. That’s NOT justice.

My hope? If Robert and Kristin truly love each other they will work their way through this. If not, I hope that Kristin learns some valuable life lessons from her mistakes, there are many…


2 thoughts on “The Shame and The Horror…The End of Robsten (Updated 9/10)”

  1. When any couple who seems truly in love breaks up for reasons that don’t make sense from what I can see, I get a little upset. I think it’s because it takes a bite out of my own hope of finding a lasting love.

    As for Kristen and Robert, I expected them to part a long time ago. When they didn’t, I became hopeful that they’d found that thing I’ve been hoping was around corners I, too, could turn. It hit me unawares, almost like a ton of bricks, and I’ve been kicking myself for reeling about it. Feels good to know I’m not alone.

    I, too, lighted quickly on the fact that she seems much too young and adventurous to cut off so many avenues of adventure with the kind of love that puts an end to so many of them. Not everyone is ready for the thing that Rob seems to (and I) want. Kristen’s public expression of what should have remained between her and the man she professes to love — if not bad advice, unfortunately taken — also proves much about her youth. The whole thing is sad despite the beauty, opportunity, and wealth involved.

    We definitely agree on this.

    1. Hi Sparks,

      Love is only as real as the mutual commitment of the two people. Otherwise, it is transient and gossamer, often leaving behind a bitterness wholly out of proportion to it’s initial sweetness. I wish you luck :).

      On another note, you may have already seen this but I thought you might enjoy it, Another reason to love the incomparable Jodi Foster.



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