The Burden of a Black President – Atlantic Mobile

7 thoughts on “The Burden of a Black President – Atlantic Mobile”

    1. I’ve listed two links on Audre Lorde; who eventually succumbed to breast cancer which she rallied against for many years. There were two of her books; ‘The Cancer Journals’ & ‘A Burst of Light:Essays’ about her experiences that inspired me in the 1990’s when I was diagnosed. She’s a prolific author, poet and advocate for women’s rights. The first link is a brief bio about her and lists some of her works. The second link is a detailed list of works.

      Peace and blessings to you.

  1. Great article. Several of my (white) grad school friends told me they hoped for a “post-racial” world. Well, I don’t know. In my life, knowing my ancestry was deeply important to me. My ancestors were farmers from (now) Slovakia and Romania. I researched everything I could about those regions. While I agree that people should not (as the article says ) be “limited” by our race or ancestry, I still hope our unique cultures, if we consider ourselves connected to them, survive.

    1. Hi Ameile,

      I think that’s a great point. People often make those crazy comments that the world would be equal if only we all inter-bred and became homogeneous. That’s complete and utter rot. People, I think, by their very nature would find another basis for discrimination. Discrimination serves a purpose beyond determining who gets the best of resources, it allows people to feel better about themselves. That’s why discrimination in myriad forms exists, in my opinion.

      As a person who has a hodgepodge of friends, Jewish, Irish, Albania, Hispanic, African etc. I find culural diversity to be a beautiful thing. It makes us who we are. One of the best things is finding the common threads amongst many disparate cultures which underscores our shared humanity.

      I am proud of my Cherokee ancestry although I confess to know little about it. I hope one day to take a DNA test that will let me know which African tribe my ancestors are from and whatever other surprises are lurking there :).

      1. Well stated. I love diversity as well, although, it appears that there are certain ethnic groups that aren’t respected for their differences, thus the need for some people to gravitate towards homogeneity. Audre Lorde made a statement about diversity that I totally agree with and have had this attitude for many years. It reads…”It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.”

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