Love Lies Bleeding

Speak not to me

of love

for it crowds out reason,

madness reigned supreme,

for endless seasons.


Speak not to me

of rage,

infamous, second cousin

to love’s name.

By extension,

I’ve savored

her acquaintance.

Speak not to me

of pain,

the legacy of love

gone awry.

Speak not to me

of shame,

which has sullied and blackened,

silken sheets.

Acidity courses,


eating avidly

through streams of my consciousness.

Speak not to me

of patience,

I have none left to give.

Speak to me

of sweet freedom,

of endless flight,

and quenchless hunger.

Speak to me

of fire,

of gilded light,

of virgin doors,


ever beckoning…

Speak to me

of discovery and wonder.

Speak to me

of epiphanies,


whispered whimsies,

for my soul demands it.

Speak to me

of synergy,

unfettered by,

unfettered by,

unfettered by,

my wordless,

drawn out,

guttural cries

of disjointedness, discordance

and disappointment.

Speak to me

of hope and possibility.

Yes, possibility.

Mines to claim

as long as I draw breath.

Assure me

that they wait

– still –

outside my door.

Am I

not yet forsaken?

Branded by missteps,

wrong turns,

tattered, misplaced trust

and forlorn beliefs?

Or may I

start anew again?

Say there are

rainbows left for me.


yes hope,

mines to seek,

flawed though I am.

Burgeoning joys,


awaiting the silkiness

of my questing touch.

That I am,



and forgiven.

An unwilling witness

to Love




5 thoughts on “Love Lies Bleeding”

  1. Coco, it’s been a while since my eyes feasted on your powerful and love filled words. So imagine my delight when I saw this lovely piece. Possibility. All is not lost, my sister. While there is hope and faith, we can still await the opportunity to exhale. In the meantime, your words shall serve to remind me of this tonight! 🙂

    1. Hi Bella, Thank you :). I was struck by the lamentable fact that my last poetry post was in February. A travesty! So obsessed with politics have I become that its taken over my blog. Working on diversification 🙂 TGIF

  2. “Say there are rainbows left for me”
    I love the rhythm of this. There’s a careful precision and timing of the delivery of these byproducts and variations of love – lies, shame, rage.
    Yet, there’s still the yearning to be inspired by love in the expression for hope…still

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