Nature’s Fufillment

Daydreaming of Acer Griseum,
It’s muscular arms outlined
by the sparkling frost of winter snows.

Eyes feasting on the leafy orchestration of burnt orange, sienna, ruby, persimmon, chocolates and magenta.

Jumping in piles of crispy leaves
as slumbering plants look on with envy.

Lost in a love
which overtakes me
every Fall,
as I survey the startling contrast
of Hemlocks,
clothed in robes of gold, burnt umber and smoky charcoal.

Pining for Quercifolia,
aging with grace and beauty
to dusky pinks, ancient whites and warm, earthen hues.

Mourning for Rosa, Lilac and Paeonia,
their scents,
their smiles,
and endless variation
of rainbow finery.

Icy rivers wend their way
through my dreams,
icicles reflecting the slumbering
recollection of burgeoning Spring.

Haunted by visions
of evocative beauties,
fleeting though they are,
serve to satisfy memory,
melding promise and desire,
stoking dreams
with perennial fire.


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