History Unfolding: President Obama Wins Second Term

It’s official, the Obama/Biden ticket has won the 2012 election!!!!!!!! I stayed up till 2:15 and that was as far as I could go. I fell out, drunk and jubilant when Obama came on stage to give his acceptance speech.

It should be noted that I am big on revenge and was distraught at the anticlimatic acceptance speech by Romney. He looked not in the slightest bit chastened and had the nerve to be gracious, if you can believe that happy crappy. In some mature corners of the world that was great but it would have been ever so much more satisfying to see him humbled. Oh well, he’s to rich for that, yes? Yes.

Nate Silver is a god among men. His prediction was spot on. He can brush his shoulder’s off with ease and thumb his nose without impunity at the naysayers lol. Clearly, they don’t know shit about arithmetic.

Bill Clinton came out in such a big way for Obama that it was incredibly moving. Bubba is the bomb. There are few things as moving as a Leo with a purpose lol. The Obamas and the Clintons make a powerful political alliance and I am sure that 2016 ticket will have Secretary Clinton on the ticket and President Obama will work equally hard to get her elected.

Other reasons for joy, let me count the ways…

1. I got 99 problems but Mitt ain’t one… 99 problems

2. Last night’s election was a referendum on Citizen’s United. Money, billions of dollars of it, did not make the difference that Adelson, the Koch Brothers, corporations and captains of industry hoped it would make. Our votes could not be bought and for that i am incredibly PROUD.

3. People united against the tide of dirty money to be heard. If we could bottle that collective democratic consciousness we would truly be rich. Looking at the lines in Florida and Ohio, what people had to go through to excercise their right to vote and yet they were NOT moved, speaks volumes about what Americans are made of.

4. Women let their voices be heard!!! We gained four new Senate seats and held six which were up for re-election. Among my favorite’s are, Senator Elect Elizabeth Warren, creator of the CFPB, and Tammy Baldwin, our first openly gay senator. When Akin and Mourdock were defeated… Well, that strange sound you heard was me yelling out the window lol.

5. Marriage equality made historic strides last night winning initiatives in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington. This is a giant stride for civil rights and as a member of the LGBT community I am overjoyed.

6. Marijuana was legalized in Colorado and Washington for recreational use. Woot!

7. Somewhere Karl Rove and Mitch McConnell are crying over their coffee. They FAILED. Ha!!!

8. Some day soon, I and millions of others of the uninsured, can get affordable health insurance. Lives will be saved, rhetoric be damned.

9. Most importantly, we beat back the tide of extremism and Right Wing idealogues that were attempting to roll back years of progress, so now I can exhale…. and continue drinking since I don’t live in Colorado or Washington 🙂

The single fly in the ointment is that Republicans retained the House and it’s a very BIG fly. It makes me nervous but after the last 18 months and in particular, the last two weeks, I’ve become used to that.

Logic says the GOP will finally need to work across party lines to move the country forward. America’s face has changed, and this election underscores their lack of broad demographic appeal. They are left with no choic but to revamp and expand their policies to be more inclusive of the broadening electorate or risk attrition as America becomes increasingly diverse.

It’s unbelievable to me that Michele Bachmann held on to her seat but that is offset a tiny bit by the loss of the scourge known as Allen West! I loathed him, truly.

Personally, I think it’s deliciously ironic that the people who they’ve enslaved, demeaned and marginalized are now controlling the destiny of this country by sheer numbers. Clearly, it’s an outcome they never anticipated.

The struggle continues but we can savor this victory for at least one day before moving on to the next challenge. Achieving this victory affirms people power and should give us hope that more strides can be made. This is what democracy looks like…


Need a laugh? Check this out 🙂


19 thoughts on “History Unfolding: President Obama Wins Second Term”

  1. Coco, sitting here on the couch, propped up on more than 20 pillows, having myself a pity party–this post was what I needed to get out of my funk! I have chuckled to no end! Yep, Mitt has too much money to be humble, child. And really, do you think Hillary could be on that ballot come 2016? My heart sings at the thought! I loved this post, lady! Loved it! I’m joining you in a post celebratory celebration, just because. (I celebrated the actual day as well, blowing my tiny horn and all!) 🙂

    1. Hi Bella,

      Tooting your horn! Fabulous image :). Hillary would win this time and I can’t even imagine the glee at having three history making elections in a row. I might pass out, champagne glass in hand lol. I hope you’re on the mend!!!

  2. That thing was Fing hilarious!! The Hammer Dance makes me wanna fall out on the floor! Now Pres Obama is in a good place to get more done! Appoint a couple of Supreme Court Justices! God Bless America!!! I think He did!

  3. Haha @ 6 and 9! I feel the joy!
    I’m beyond ecstatic about the reelection of POTUS Obama and Joe Biden, for all the reasons you listed, and more. Sweet, unbridled Joy!

    Also, hubby showed me the Key and Peele video before the results. I was rolling!! I had to laugh out all that nervous energy that was bubbling up in my stomach that night.

    1. Hi Somer,

      I feel you. I was a nervous wreck till around 11:15. Scared that the suppression and people’s collective stupidity would sway the election for Romney. THANK GOD that didn’t happen.

      Key and Peele are a rip!!!

  4. Love this post Coco but I must say the video had me in stitches. What I’m finding so disturbing today is the vitriolic rant against the President by the black left. BAR for example has this almost pathological hate for the President. What doesn’t make sense to me is all the things that they say about the President as being the ‘more effective evil’ ; they are silent about Romney. A Romney administration would be far worse than anything the President has done. I wasn’t sure if I should post the link but we’re all adults and is it just me who has always been to the left of things that believes something else is going with some factions of the black left when it comes to President Obama. http://blackagendareport.com/content/doing-us-proud-black-america-has-lost-its-moral-compass. I’m disappointed with some of the things that the President has done and I think that those of us who voted for him must hold him more accountable the next four years.

    1. Thanks for the link, Carolyn. I just became acquainted with BAR yesterday after reading their piece in which they call Melissa Harris Perry a courtier. I did not like that one bit. I believe that each of us has our place and it’s unfair to hold her up against the incomparable Alice Walker. It did make me think, however, but their vitriol seems incendiary and to what end?

      I will read this piece tomorrow and respond back. Have a good evening.



  5. I love Key and Peele and wish that now our president will actually say some of the things he surely felt during this election process. I wish him clarity and guts in these next four years.

    I’m afraid some of the issues most important to me aren’t important to him or other Democrats in power, maybe because of corporations that still have the power and sway of money behind them. I don’t know. I just know that President Obama was the best candidate with the chance to win. But now that he has won, I want to stop being afraid. That’s hard for me when I don’t hear enough specific truths being uttered by our president — the person who could be the most listened to and repeated person in the country. Check the facts and logic, I say, and repeat them until you’re hoarse. That goes for all of us.

    Sorry about that. You did ask for a moment. I am relieved today for the same reasons you listed. It is a good day. I do see that.

    1. Hi Sparks,

      Well, the moment is fading fast but I’m tenacious :).

      I hear you, some of the things that bothered me the most were: lack of discussion re: civil liberties, Guantanamo Bay and the foreclosure crisis.

      I was also disturbed that Obama didn’t reject the coal industry. I understand the line must be towed but the industry’s contribution to climate change should not be ignored. I’m for more environmental protections and aggressive R&D/implementation of renewable energy.

      Take heart. It will be interesting to see what Obama 2.0 does and I think some of the chains which bound him will allow him to be more asertive and outspoken in certain areas. Hope all is well.

      Peace, C.

      1. Yes! The conversation about coal is so important! Also for me, the wisdom of having non-GMO food choices not only in stores, but at the source — the precious seeds. Assertive and outspoken are words I love. From your keyboard to God’s ear. 🙂

  6. Well, I appreciated the graciousness after a campaign that was bitter and nasty. I personally was thankful that Joe Walsh, one of the worst tea party people from my state, lost his seat to a democrat. Before this election, Republicans had 240 seat in the house of representatives. Yes, they still have majority but a few of their nastiest guys are gone. I even voted for Jesse Jackson Jr., not because he is doing a good job, for the sole reason that he is democratic. If he chooses to leave office because of his medical issues then a democrat replaces him. I went pragmatic.

    1. Honestly, I’m distraught that more Tea partiers did not lose their seats. I honestly think they are way to extreme to make governing and compromise feasible. The Republican party needs triage. They have to realize that extremism is no way to win general elections and evolve.

      I’m nervous as to what Repubs will do with their House majority and more so after hearing McConnell and Boehner’s comments today…but resignedly hopeful.

      1. Boehner actually sounds like he is ready to deal. And McConnell is up for re-election in ’14. Still, I think enough guys lost their seats or were tightly contested to understand something has to change.

  7. We made a drinking game out of “Too Close to Call”. Good thing we only had one beer in the house!

    Last night while Brian Williams was trying to objectively report about the election, there was a joyous shout in the background. He smiled sheepishly and subsequently announced Warren’s win. It was funny. She did great. Their campaign and supporters (like the League of Conservation voters) were knocking on our doors and calling twice a day. I wasn’t terribly excited about Warren early on but she’s smart, enlightened and really seemed to want the job. I’m thrilled that she won.

    1. Only one beer?! Tsk. Tsk. I am not ashamed to say that I bought a wonderful Cab Sauvignon last night and a bottle of Prosecco. The funny thing? Age has clearly slowed me down cause I am just now finishing the wine. LOL. Drunkeness and the consequences does not have the appeal of yesteryear but the buzz is grand :).

      I have great expectations for Elizabeth Warren. Typically, first year Senators don’t make great waves but I hope she flys in the face of convention. In any case, it will certainly be interesting to see what change is wrought by the increasing numbers of women in Congress. It’s not nearly enough but every bit helps 🙂

    1. LMAO, Thanks, Mutuo. I keep vengeful on the DL for extreme occasions but I am certainly not above gloating…which I have been doing all day. Yes!!! (((Does Snoopy dance))) Ah well, one must take one’s joy where one can find it.

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