Suicide: Short Story

Such a great story, I thought I would share…


4 thoughts on “Suicide: Short Story”

  1. Coco, what a fabulous share! Trust you to find good content on the web, lady! I was thinking about you today–wondering what the weather is like in your neck of the woods and how it affects your business. I trust and pray all is well for you andthat this new year will be your best ever! Hugs! 🙂

    1. Hey Bella,

      The weather remains crazy and unpredictable. It’s been averaging in the 50’s which is too warm. However, it’s snowed 2x and forecasts say we will have a normal snowfall. I hope so lol. Business has ground to a halt as we wait for the snow and plan for the Spring. Even so, it’s a time to plan and ruminate, which is always good :). Besides, we ain’t the Spring chickens we used to be and can use the rest lmao.

      Thanks for thinking of me and hope that you’re on the mend. I especially appreciate it today as my mood can only be labeled as dark. Tomorrow will hopefully be better.



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