Cliffhangers, Gearing Up & Great Expectations

Happy New Year!

Things continue to be way too exciting on my end, how about you?

If you were hoping for a calmer year in 2013, think again. Clearly, such a thing is NOT in the cards. The ending of 2012 is shades of things to come. The term Fiscal Cliff took up such mass in my head that by 12/15 it was like nails on chalkboard each time the phrase was uttered. Understanding how much was in the balance, I was ready to expire on 12/31 when they finally announced that an agreement had been reached. Truly.

Certainly, it was an event that you will never forget in your lifetime. Boehner telling Reid to go fuck himself will forever be emblazoned on my hippocampus. The title Speaker seems highly dubious, I’m just saying. It was all eerily reminiscent of a scene from the Wild, Wild West. Ah, America. The showdown, the hubris, the chest beating, bluffing, negotiating and stand stills SMH. Thank God they didn’t have guns because almost to a man, no pun intended, Congress displayed just how completely puerile and dysfunctional they have become. Fistfights in the halls seemed a hair’s breadth away. Considering how much power Congress wields and the lives which hung in the balance, it was far from funny just plain scary.

Such shenanigans are proof positive that more women are needed in Washington.

Good thing it ended on New Year’s eve because it made for a great excuse to get rip roaring drunk. I gave in and found myself purloining a fallen street sign at 2 AM just to commemorate the occasion. (Steal is such a dirty word lol) Blame it on the alcohol. It was the visual metaphor that got me. Any which way but straight which seems to be the trajectory of our political sphere and lives, way too much of the time.

Street Sign

I was mostly pleased with the terms of the deal. For the things which didn’t please me, like the income threshold being pushed to $400,00, I grudgingly accepted it. I remained calm in the simple recognition that sacrifices have to be made in the spirit of compromise…and the knowledge that bigger, dirtier fights beckon upon the horizon. Debt ceiling debacle, anyone? Tax reform? Gun safety legislation? DOMA? Voting Rights Act? Supreme Court nominations and landmark cases focusing on civil liberties? Affirmative Action? Keystone Pipeline? The head just spins.

I’m putting you on notice that you need to put on your fighting boots and gear up for more political toxicity and turbulence in 2013, cause we wouldn’t want you to get bored ;). After all, this is how progress gets made. (Don’t ponder that last statement to long…)

Speaking of progress, made any resolutions for 2013? Me neither. I have given up on them, blasted things are a never ending source of angst. Instead, I have decided to spend the time normally reserved for resolution making and pursuit of the ethereal: honing my focus, harnessing my creativity, laughing more and channeling positivity. I have great expectations *grin*


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