Verbal Carnage: Joy Reid & Larry Ward Discuss Gun Violence

Yesterday’s episode of Bashir Live was off da chain! Just a 10 min. spot made me grin for hours.

Joy Reid, managing editor of the Grio, is fast becoming a fixture on MSNBC’s political lineup, and she does them proud. The woman is smart as a whip. She eviscerated Larry Ward, chairman of Gun Appreciation Day, with an ease which was frightening. Then again, he was hardly what one would call a worthy opponent.

What’s that you say?

You haven’t heard of Gun Appreciation Day? January 19th, the day President Obama has called for a day of service to commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King, is ALSO the day when gun zealots across the country will band together to “defend” their 2nd amendment rights and decry the government’s attempts to take their guns away.

Shit gets realer by the second.

Can I say what a bad idea it is to have outraged and ARMED citizens running about with signs, like it’s a damn parade? You just have to know some of them will be packing. It’s like a molotov cocktail for crying out loud.

In any case, conspiracy theories abound, without a shred of truth, mind you. But why would anyone be interested in facts?

Yes, facts. The thing I found most humorous about the discussion on Bashir was the brief kerfuffle over facts. I’ve seen this same argument on Twitter. When confronted with facts the aggrieved party does a dodge and begins raving. Tsk tsk. The 21st century mind is devolving, people seem to believe that facts are debatable. (Let me pause for a moment to quell my hilarity.)

Um, hell no, they are not.

You can voice your OPINION on a fact but they not debatable because they are F-A-C_T-S. Just STOP. Know when you are licked and save yourself a good shellacking. Attempting to circumvent truth is a sure sign of lower intelligence, I’m just saying.

Yet, Larry Ward had no problem lying and parading IDEAS disguised as facts. He also was seemingly unable to recognize the trap set for him. It was a trap because he was ill prepared. *gasp*

How could that be? I mean he’s the chairman of GAD.

Well, apparently, he appreciates guns but is neither acquainted, interested, or able to grasp the sheer enormity of the damage they are inflicting on this country.

Allow me to digress a moment and say how truly appalled I am by the transparent efforts of the gun lobby and the NRA, henchmen and puppets of the gun industry, to derail the public conversation and the Obama administration’s efforts to craft meaningful gun safety reform. It’s a revolting spectacle without a shred of moral accountability.

The most common objection is the defense of the 2nd amendment and the constitutional right to bear arms. Here’s the thing though, NO ONE is trying to take people’s guns away. At least not handguns/rifles.

Myself, I have no love for those who want to shoot Bambi but I recognize that some people find it thrilling to shoot defenseless animals and that is their right. However, there is no justifiable reason for automatic or semi-automatic weapons to be in the hands of anyone other than the military. None. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

Anyone with a shred of sense, who listens to the facts of gun violence, must acknowledge that the time for more stringent gun controls was like yesterday. I can’t understand why all these avid gun owners do not realize that the gun industry has a vested interest in manufacturing baseless outrage to inflate their profit lines. It’s not rocket science and it’s sad to see people so easily manipulated. Must be something in the water.

I will not waste one moment talking about the conspiracy theory that Obama’s been thirsting to take away guns.

Ok, well just one.

The theory that Obama was going to assail the right to bear arms has flourished like wildfire since he took office. Just one, tiny fact though… In four years, he did NOTHING about them. In fact, he expanded gun rights, to the shame and horror of every Progressive I know.

In a twist that is almost laughable, people are now up in arms about this video from 2008. You can almost hear the plaintive whining, “But he said he wouldn’t take our guns away. See!!” That they didn’t believe him when he said it but are now conveniently brandishing it as proof of his tyranny is truly illustrative of stupidity.

Also? That atrocities like mass shootings are occurring almost monthly is also a paltry matter. That the US leads the way in violent homicide is apparently also of little significance. Cause you know these are facts. To hear them tell it, “Shit Happens.”

Where are the adults in the room?

How does American Exceptionalism dovetail with having no responsibility to curtail the needless deaths of the citizenry? I am genuinely curious.

Say it with me now, “F*** Morons!”

I, for one, love a good *cough cough* evisceration. You will notice that Joy rattles off the facts with a quiet, deadly swagger. The exchange reminded me of Obama’s “Please proceed Governor” moment during the Presidential debates. Gotcha! Poor Larry, I was almost embarrassed for him. Admittedly, it was hard to get past the gloating.

Your intellectual edification is my #1 goal. Read here for facts on US gun violence. on.

You can view the video here. The debate begins at the 5 minute mark.

My work here is done 🙂


7 thoughts on “Verbal Carnage: Joy Reid & Larry Ward Discuss Gun Violence”

  1. I don’t understand why Biden is meeting with a special interest group. It’s like having a federal decision on children’s health and meeting with Burger King.

    These gun nuts are the same people who deny science and the general truth, which is this: studies show they do more harm than good; exactly as you said. A Canadian study suggests that gun owners are 30% more likely to be the victims of homicide or suicide.

    There is no evidence, on the other hand, that guns protect us. 2 people (Giffords and the 9 year old who were shot at Aurora) had guns in their family. Did their guns appear at exactly the right place and exactly the right time? No.

    1. Hi Amelie,

      It’s pandering, right? Clearly the special interest groups have little to no interest in implementing restrictions as it would impact their bottom line. I guess they are doing that in a futile attempt to soothe outrage and appear balanced.

      I had the exact same thought about gun owners that you brought up. What % of the time do they have a gun on their person that allows them to stave off an assault? How does it help them when family members are attacked and they aren’t together? Continuing to argue for proliferation of guns seems to be a losing proposition in more ways than one.

      1. That’s exactly right. The CDC states clearly that guns in the house are a danger to children, period. For every time a homeowner scares a way a burglar with a gun (to protect their knicknacks, I might add) there are probably a hundred children who are accidentally killed because parents left their gun lying around.

        Not even to mention the fact that a hunting rifle would be just as effective in scaring away robbers.

  2. Shit! YOU eviscerated those “F*** Morons!” again! Lol! I enjoyed reading this, Coco. Your coverage is not only spot on, but funny as heck.

    I agree there is absolutely no reason why we need guns on the street and in our homes for uses other than hunting (heck, I don’t even agree with using them for that purpose.)

    I’m always curious about exactly who these gun-carriers are protecting themselves from. Inquiring minds wanna know…

    1. LOL. Yes, it makes you wonder, right?! You’d think we live in the Wild West and open territories where people are constantly assaulted SMH. There are real threats and perceived threats, both of which seem to have equal weight in the minds of the paranoid. It’s poor reasoning at it’s best.

  3. I am married to an outdoor writer. Guns are a part of our life, they do not dominate our life. For him hunting is an existential exercise, more time to ruminate on life and such. However, when he does shoot something we do eat it. That said, I believe non-military people should not have military-grade weapons. You have that weapon for the thrill of quick shooting or to quick kill many people. I realize this makes pro-gun people crazy but if you feel you need that weapon to use against your country, maybe you are in the wrong country.

    1. Hi Rumbly,

      That was excellently stated. I believe that I’ve heard the idea floated of gun clubs being used for those who like to shoot with automatic weapons. At first glance, I can’t see what’s wrong with that idea. Even that, however seems to be a point of contention, I’m sad to say.

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