Dangerously Stupid: Larry Ward Strikes Again!

Larry Ward strikes again! Have a look and laugh. The man is dangerously stupid, truly. In what alternate fantasy universe would White slavers take Blacks from Africa for enslavement and then ARM them? If they were so altruistic they could have started with the Indians. What a joke! If only he would STOP talking. I can’t believe any sane person thinks he is helping the pro-gun rights cause.

Best thing about this article? The comments say it all.


4 thoughts on “Dangerously Stupid: Larry Ward Strikes Again!”

  1. Nothing rings like the sound of truth, Jueseppi. The man is a damn idiot and the Media amplifying his voice makes it that much worse. They really need to stop contributing to stupidity FFS.

  2. Slavery could have been replaced with leaving free Africans the fuck alone if lazy evil nasty racist ass caucasians would have had the brains and strength to work their own land, raise their own children and cook their own food.

    Owning guns had jack shit to do with slavery, and everything to do with a lack of intelligence by caucasian idiots.

    Have a nice day Ms. Coco. 😉

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