UPDATED: Gun Control Victory: New York State Passes Stricter Gun Laws

Courtesy of woodenboat.com
Courtesy of woodenboat.com

I was very proud of Gov. Andrew Cuomo last week when he proposed passing the strictest gun laws in the nation. He did New York proud, moving fast and decisively, like an ol’ G , New York style. 😉

Late last night, the Senate voted to pass a series of laws that will expand the assault rifle ban, including measures to restrict gun ownership for the mentally ill. Interestingly, the Senate is controlled by Republicans but they passed it passed 43 to 18. The Assembly, which has a Democratic majority, will vote today and is expected to pass the bill without delay. Politics without partisanship. They have set the bar, in more ways than one, for the rest of the country.

UPDATED: 1/16: Naysayers be damned. The bill passed on Tuesday. Click here for NY Times article on passage of bill.

Highlights of the new legislation, courtesy of the New York Times, below. Check out the NY Times article for more information.

The expanded ban on assault weapons would broaden the definition of such weapons, banning semiautomatic pistols and rifles with detachable magazines and one military-style feature, as well as semiautomatic shotguns with one military-style feature. New Yorkers who already own such guns could keep them but would be required to register them with the state.

The most significant new proposal would require mental health professionals to report to local mental health officials when they believe that patients are likely to harm themselves or others. Law enforcement would then be authorized to confiscate any firearm owned by a dangerous patient; therapists would not be sanctioned for a failure to report such patients if they acted “in good faith.”

The legislation would extend and expand Kendra’s Law, which empowers judges to order mentally ill patients to receive outpatient treatment.

And it would require gun owners to keep weapons inaccessible in homes where a resident has been involuntarily committed, convicted of a crime or is the subject of an order of protection.

The legislative package, which Mr. Cuomo said he believed would be “the most comprehensive package in the nation,” would ban any gun magazine that can hold over 7 rounds of ammunition — the current limit is 10 rounds. It would also require background checks of ammunition buyers and automated alerts to law enforcement of high-volume purchases.

The legislation would increase penalties for multiple crimes committed with guns, would require background checks for most private gun sales, and create a statewide gun-registration database.


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