CNN: The Breakdown on Obama’s Gun Violence Proposals

Happy Wednesday!!! Today goes to President Obama and VP Biden for moving with all deliberate speed to address the gun violence problem plaguing our country. Proud of the Big Dawg!

It’s a step in the right direction although MORE needs to be done IMO but that’s all I have time to say today. *Sighs* Back tomorrow to throw feet in the fray.

Here’s the video clip of the announcement.

And here’s the GOP machine continuing their campaign of fearmongering, obstruction and irrationality. Welcome to Mordor DC Style ;). *Goes away grumbling*

CNN Political Ticker

Washington (CNN) — President Barack Obama on Wednesday announced his gun violence reduction plans, including 23 steps his administration plans to take unilaterally and several legislative proposals.

He will advocate for reinstatement and strengthening the assault weapons ban, a ten-round limit for ammunition magazines, increasing access to mental health, and requiring a criminal background check on every gun sale.

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