Pirate Jenny is My Grandmother by Black Amazon

Nina Simone

I’m on Tumblr now. 🙂 Yes, I’m rapidly becoming a proud, social media addict. I enjoy it for the cool people I meet and the exposure to myriad subjects from great minds.

I’m digging the poem below, Pirate Jenny is My Grandmother by Black Amazon. It’s intelligence, unabashed veracity, power, complexity and anger resonated with me. The author is 28, which to me, gives the piece a different articulation and a too rarely expressed perspective.

It was written, amongst other things, in response to a news report being about a 12 year old girl who was beaten up by two grown women. It makes absolutely no sense to me that they are not being prosecuted for hate crimes since the video clearly substantiates that charge.


But I read the news about women’s rights / health struggles and go “Good”

Because a 12 year old girl can catch a broken limb beating from TWO thirty year olds

that ” activism” of the past what 100+ years hasn’t changed any of that

And with FEW exceptions folks don’t care

Because a 12 year old girl can catch a broken limb beating from TWO thirty year olds

and no one gets arrested till it makes the Internet.

But folks think we’re too angry

It’s no one’s fault.

She “get’s her arm broken”

You see these things just “happen” to girls of color

Nobody means it so no one should be held accountable

It’s a nebulous society and forces of which no one is complicit, no one is culpable

Until a 12 year old gets used to being called nigger and “only” breaks her arm.

And if no one is doing it to us?

Then we must be doing it to ourselves…

Read full poem here

**Artwork: Art Imitating Life: Rabbit by Citruquinz. Visit site**


7 thoughts on “Pirate Jenny is My Grandmother by Black Amazon”

  1. She is so right, hate crimes are too often brushed off until it gets out in the press and makes authorities “look bad”. I’ve heard higher ups accuse victims of being too sensitive. You know, it’s the victim’s fault for being in the way when a criminal wants to hurt someone. Such a travesty. At least we have social media now.

    Speaking of, thanks for the idea – Tumblr! I’m hoping to expand to Pinterest and I’m now on Etsy. Yes it’s a craft site but there’s a place for a social voice there too. Cheers, maybe I’ll see you over there.

    1. We’re in 100% agreement, as usual :).

      Oh God, Etsy. I have just wrapped my brain around Pinterest, Tumblr, in addition to Twitter & Facebook. Honestly, I’m not sure I can take anymore lol. Congrats to you though. It is great to have so many myriad ways of connecting with people. Also, Social media changed my life. I get more pertinent and insightful news on various topics than ever before which is awesome.



  2. Thanks for the introduction to BlackAmazon, Coco. She’s fiercely intelligent! I may have to join Tumblr just to follow her. Her confession of being “SUCH A NERD”, among other things, is one to which I can definitely relate. Seriously, she has quite an insightful mind and a host of what may be called “radical” (by some) perspectives. I can dig it!

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