Shattering Silence…

Happy New Year!

A new year, the same me with a renewed focus. I’ve been mulling over what I wanted to write because there is so much clattering about in my brain. There is a great deal that I wish to express, or expel as it were, and all of it deserves equal air time.

But often our stumbling block to success begins at the starting line and there we hover for an untold amount of time lost in contemplation. Contemplation leads to hesitation and so we wait for our inner voice to tell us that we are ready, when the truth is we ARE ready but fear has won the battle.

This is a lesson that I’ve learned very well and so these days I tend to…JUMP and trust in self that my steps will be ordered.


Motivation breeds momentum which propels us to progress.

I don’t like the alternative, you see.

The alternative is silence, white noise, and every writer’s nightmare – the dreaded blank page.

This is not a time for silence.

The world does not need our silence.

The world needs our voices, raised in collective, unifying dissent.

Dissent against the status quo and those who would languish in the comfort of their ignorance and privilege while others die beneath the weight of racism, patriarchy,  poverty, White supremacy, homophobia, class war, misogyny, gun violence, militarization of our police force and the massive prison industrial complex.

The status quo thrives off our silence and complacency.

It is the unified voice, fueled by outrage, compassion and our internal moral compass that searches for truth and justice, which propels humanity forward.


So, you can look forward to hearing more from me this year.  I am interested in being part of the unfolding conversation on the difficulties that we face in this country. I am compelled by the young men and women of Ferguson who, cloaked only in their anger, outrage, sadness and courage, have fearlessly given rise to a national movement, #BlackLivesMatter.

The conversation they’ve begun challenges much of what we accept, exposes the racism, corruption and machinations of government exploitation of citizens, the injustice of our judicial system and the lack of police accountability which has taken the lives of countless African Americans. Sadly, it is not a new conversation but it now has urgency and weft behind it, and it is forcing us to peel back the layers of institutional and structural inequality which is as American as apple pie.

It is an uprising against injustice whose time has come.

As I write, I look forward to feed back from each of you to have a much needed conversation on race and a myriad of topics. Some of it will be difficult to discuss, as difficult as it is for me to write about. We all have bias and operate from a place of privilege, cemented by our gender, socio-economic status, education and race – long before we even know that any of that matters. What we do about them, how we examine them, and attempt to connect with others in spite of them, as we move through our world – matters.

The willingness to engage and shatter silence, on an individual level – matters.

Conversations bring to light that which is hidden and encourage us to examine our beliefs. From our beliefs arise action and change will happen, one conversation and conscious decision at a time.

Wishing you peace, courage, consciousness and joy.




6 thoughts on “Shattering Silence…”

  1. Coco, I am kicking my behind for having taken so long to read this post! My goodness, sister, when you write, you write! I love the impassioned way you create awareness to all that ails society! Love, love it! Indeed, it is time we stop looking the other way and change the ways with how we deal with the issues that continue to push us down the rabbit hole of apathy and ignorance. May this new year bring you joy, good health, and laughter! 🙂

    1. Hi Bella! I’m just as bad! :0 Sorry for the delayed reply. Thanks for the well wishes, the same to you an yours. I know one place that I will always find laughter, your blog. I’m overdue for a visit. xxx

  2. I don’t like it. I freaking love it! Beautifully said and well written. We need no more silence. Absofreakinglutely. Write it. Sing it. Tell it. Share it, publicly, privately, in the most intimate of places and moments, wherever and whenever the opportunity affords itself, in spite of ignorance, bias, and discomfort. We are the ones we’re waiting for!

    Good to see you! (I know about dem blank pages!) #nomegusta

  3. Happy New Year Coco and I’m quite glad to hear you’ll be posting more. You’ve been missed. I live on the outskirts of a poor inner city and I’ve been pondering these issues, from my own limited perspective of course. To me there has to be a really radical change – and the only solution I can come up with is to tear down the entire system and start again. New police structure, methods, training, maybe an approach to the community that’s totally new. What we have now isn’t working for anyone, I don’t think. I am of the opinion that we need “police” (should we even call them that anymore, is it time for a new title?) and it scares me a bit the suggestion that we should be like the UK and not even have guns for our officers. But there must be ONE country where they have lower crime rates, enforcement that works. Maybe we should be looking at that model instead. It really scares me to see who’s taking over the House and Senate – we need reforms there too. Obviously.

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