Chris Christie: warm in a luxury box at Lambeau while Camden High kids have no heat

I loathe Chris Christie and this post Is just one reason among many. If I had to go to school under such conditions it would be a sure bet that I wouldn’t go. These prison to pipeline schools MUST be addressed by Federal guidelines. Fee community College means nothing if we still have so many failing school systems :(.


The temperature in Green Bay at this Sunday’s NFL divisional playoff game between the Packers and the Dallas Cowboys will be in the upper teens. But don’t worry: New Jersey governor Chris Christie will be well shielded from the cold.

It’s not clear if the governor will be traveling to Wisconsin in a private jet, as he did to Dallas when the Cowboys faced the Detroit Lions last week, but he will–once again–sit with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones in a warm, toasty luxury box while the Green Bay masses watch the game in the cold. (Christie has announced he’s paying his own way this time to “keep silliness out of the football season.”)

While news of Christie’s Cowboy-love isn’t new, recent media coverage of him groping Jerry Jones in celebration has renewed banter about the significance of the governor’s Cowboys allegiance. His sharpest critics have leaped to criticize the governor for deliberately flaunting his fandom in the…

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