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Chris Christie: warm in a luxury box at Lambeau while Camden High kids have no heat

I loathe Chris Christie and this post Is just one reason among many. If I had to go to school under such conditions it would be a sure bet that I wouldn’t go. These prison to pipeline schools MUST be addressed by Federal guidelines. Fee community College means nothing if we still have so many failing school systems :(.

President Obama: “A child’s course in life should be determined not by the zip code she’s born in.” “Promise Zone” locations.

Good news! Especially when I was just raving about our ineffectual gov’t and why can’t they do more to help people. Good thing the post was mysteriously erased lmao.

Obama Speaks Out on Zimmerman Verdict

Obama Speaks Out on Zimmerman Verdict


Here is the link to the full transcript of the speech.

Protect Voting Rights ~~ NAACP Petition

Fitting that this should be my first post in months! 🙂

Be a Seed for Change


NAACP Sign up to learn more
email zip code
Sign our petition to Congress
Tell your representatives they must act NOW to protect voting rights

The Supreme Court just made a major decision that impacts voting rights for every American. In striking down Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act — but leaving Section 5 untouched — there is no longer a mechanism in place to prevent states with a history of voterdisenfranchisement from enacting such laws.

While this is a setback, it is by no means the end of the game. The Supreme Court’s decision gives Congress complete authority to ensure no person is denied the right to vote.

Communities of color, and young, women, elderly, and disabled voters are at risk. Tell Congress to take immediate action to protect the voting rights for millions of Americans. Sign our petition today.

~~ thanks

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Double Trouble: Barack and Biden, Politics and Media Bias

I thoroughly enjoyed the verbal trouncing that President Obama threw down on Mitt Romney last night. It was SO worth the wait. Not only did he confront the multitude of lies and half truths that Romney loves to parrot, he did it with class, intelligence and flawlessly, fluent articulation.

Seriously, check out this great piece by Think Progress: At Last Night’s Debate, Romney told 31 myths in 41 minutes . That’s gotta be some kind of record.

In my opinion, PBO quite literally met Romney toe for toe, as the debate format allowed them to cross physical boundaries. From previous debates, it’s fair to say that Obama does well in this format. It speaks to a kind of mental tai chi. Some folks simply move/think faster on their feet and for a person who is clearly competitive it’s likely a better sparring space, which not only allows you to confront your opponent but dispel energy.

One of the things I thought so cool, was the way Obama dispelled all initial criticisms of his prior debate performance.

Not aggressive enough? Check.

Not passionate enough? Check.

Not present? Listless? Check.

Not engaging? Check.

Not looking his opponent in the eye? Check.

Not enough zingers? Double Check.

We can surely all agree that PBO thoroughly emphasized his strengths, accomplishments and hallmark issues: immigration, women’s right’s, the 47%, Foreign policy experience, veracity, commitment, dedication, consistency and CHARACTER.

Even so, the MSNBC political pundits had teensy complaints this morning. Andrea Mitchell, opined that PBO hadn’t SMILED enough? WTF?! Some other pundit said the debate wasn’t substantive enough (Should be noted that the first debate was criticized as being too substantive), while yet another claimed that neither of Romney or Obama answered the questions put to them.

Chris Todd gets the prize for number one criticism:

“The so-called questions from supposedly undecided voters, and those dissatisfied with the Bush years, seemed to benefit the President, allowing him to hone in on hallmarks of campaign..” Chris Todd, Daily Rundown 10/17/12

Amazing, yes?

  • So, are women not supposed to be concerned with women’s rights? Go figure.
  • Should parents not be concerned about the potential elimination of education credits and vanishing deductions?
  • Are those of Latin descent not supposed to be concerned with immigration?
  • Does it seem crazy that an African American male, whose race is currently laboring under double digit unemployment, be concerned as to what the administration’s plans are for the next four years?
  • I know, it must seem ludicrous that a man would be concerned about foreign policy and the desperate attempts being made, by the media and the GOP, to turn the administration’s handling of Libya into a scandal…

They all seem like perfectly logical questions to me. The assertion itself is not only illogical but just another flagrant, baseless attempt to cast aspersion on President Obama’s administration. But that’s nothing new. In fact, it’s become de rigueur which is just flat out disgusting.

I’ve plugged my ears to the naysayers. They seem hellbent on picking apart every word and nuance to find fault and amplify it. It’s really, really sad that the public is unable to rely upon so much of the media for unbiased, factual, educational statements as they attempt to pick a candidate and the future direction of our country. Like our political system, the media is b-b-broken. Enough with the sensationalism!

President Obama and Joe Biden did a stellar job in the last two debates and I’m happy to say it’s exactly what I expected, naysayers be damned.

Strategically speaking, I am convinced, somewhat belatedly, that Obama’s first debate performance was partially a tactic to feel out Romney’s strengths and weaknesses. In which case, it came off beautifully :). Looking forward to round 3.

20 days and counting…

Music to my ears as it was, the title and inspiration of this piece deserves a special shout out to The Roots because after last night’s Presidential debate the song below came roaring into my consciousness. HELL YEAH!

It did that thing that all good music does, leaves you buzzin’ on an energy groove. The beats invaded my synapses and neurons, refusing to leave. A mind trip otherwise known as lyrical excellence. It comes in many forms…


Or, if you aren’t a hiphop-o-phile and managed to miss it and would rather the real thing, check it out:


Searching For Justice

Yesterday, state prosecutor Angela Corey announced the arrest of George Zimmerman on the charge of second degree murder in the killing of Trayvon Martin.

Like many others, I was glued to my TV watching the 6pm news conference. By all accounts, Angela Corey performed admirably under pressure, displaying graciousness, professionalism and high ethical standards. That coupled with the feeling that the wheels of justice have finally begun to turn inspired, in most of us, a renewal of faith in the justice system.

But not all of us. There are many people, African Americans in particular, who feel that justice delayed is justice denied. After all, it took fourty five days for the arrest to occur.

Fourty five days. in which the national outcry became incredibly LOUD, in both cyberspace, in the media and on the streets. That’s what it took to get the state of Florida and federal authorities to do their job.

That, in and of itself, is terribly disheartening.

No sane person could possibly think that the Sanford PD’s handling of this case was anything but inept and biased. The Stand Your Ground law enables vigilantism and fosters institutional bias. It must be abolished in all the states where it masquerades as justice.

People can fool themselves by opining that this is an isolated incident but its not.

Just last week, the killers of Sean Bell were finally brought to “justice”. We should be grateful, it only took 2 yrs. The Diallo family never saw justice for the loss of their son, Amadou Diallo.

Since it’s taken me so long to publish this, the 20 yr anniversary of the LA riots incited by the assault on Rodney King has just passed. In his interview on The Last Word, he spoke of how he recognized and understood the “death screams” of Trayvon Martin and how disturbing that was. The sound of a human being minutes from death, fighting for their life.

I broke down and cried.

The details of these cases undoubtedly differ but the end result is the same, innocent, young African American males lost their lives in confrontations exacerbated by deeply embedded racial stereotypes. In a word, the criminalization of African Americans.

It’s heartbreaking, unjust and enraging that such gross
miscarriages of justice have become commonplace. Particularly, because the criminal justice system is charged with the protection of all citizenry.

Is this not a flagrant violation of our constitutional rights?

The social contract that exists between government and citizenry is unspoken, yet it is the very wheels upon which everything works. We agree to submit to the authority of our elected officials and perform our roles as citizens in exchange for protection, freedom, security and dignity which should be accorded to all human beings.

For far too long, these basic rights continue to be constrained by personal, social and institutional biases. But why quibble about such a minor thing?

Because, as so beautifully illustrated by the power of our collective voices crying for justice for the Martin family, if we do not injustice continues to be commonplace.