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Happy 2014!!

Happy New Year, to my Blogosphere beloveds!

I’m fashionably late, as always, but let’s hope that my buoyant and well-meaning wishes bring you warmth. Know that I have thought of you all and miss the circumlocutions of your minds and words. You bring me joy, enlightenment, inspiration, humor and a world of differing perspectives at times when they are most needed. For that, I am thankful.

I look forward to 2014 with a renewed commitment to my writing and that means you’ll be seeing more of me in my ongoing quest for sanity in a world gone mad. Yeah!

I wanted to share the following poem which is a great source of inspiration for me and a perfect start to the New Year…


Courage not only means being able to do something new.

It also means taking steps to “be” someone new.

Some of us talk a great deal
because we are afraid we won’t be heard.

Others, never say anything
in fear of saying the wrong thing.

Some of us, are overactive and hyperactive
because we fear missing out.

There are those of us who are withdrawn,
lethargic, inactive,
in fear of messing up.

One of the first steps in developing
a courageous outlook and approach to life
is being able to look at ourselves,
our beliefs,
attitudes and patterns.

Courage enable us to examine.

Examination enables us to choose.

Courage is more than a forceful,
aggressive, bold outward action.

At it’s most infinite level,
courage is an in-depth,
inward examination
which leads to alteration and application
of a new way to be.

– Unknown

Wishing you courage, peace and passion!


A member of the “It’s Too Damn Cold Committee”

When you least expect it…

Well, I am sorta speechless, which I have to tell you is a rare occurrence. I have been wishing for months to take a trip but circumstances simply would not allow it. Today, my brother and his fiance surprised us with a weekend getaway to the Poconos. We leave tomorrow and won’t be home until Sunday night.

My brother and I, are three years apart. He is actually my half brother and we first met when I was 28 years old. With so many things dividing us, immaturity most of all, we did not meet again until this year, 14 years later. My father passed away this year and it is only in his passing that we have reconnected. I am helpless to explain why our connection, this time, was instantaneous. It is strange, humbling and wonderful to find love when you least expect it. Throughout the course of my life, my familial connections have largely been female and I was estranged from my father so my relations with men have been fraught with issues. It goes without saying that this means a great deal to me.  

I fear this means I will not finish the 2010 chronicles this year but that’s ok lol. I am so looking forward to starting the new year on a fresh and happy note. Here’s to surprises and unexpected joys…

Wishing you all a year filled with health, wealth, joy and love.  Everything else is just drivel 😉