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Don’t you think you deserve it?

An excellent post, aptly timed. This resonated with me as I know many people who struggle with similar issues. I was not one of them, however. The day my divorce was final, I jumped up and down in the halls of justice and hugged my lawyer lmao. On my way home, I played Sweet Justice by the phenomenal Ms. Jill Scott ;).

Listen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bb2GBsLSMtA

Take Courage,


One Sister's Rant

Happy New Year!
Image by Evan Leeson

A close friend called last night to tell me her divorce had been finalized.

Twenty three years of hardships and struggles had finally come to an end.

“I guess now I can tick the box that says single on my tax return” she said through her tears.

Hearing her sob on the other end, I felt confused.

During the two years it had taken for her divorce to become final, I had heard her talk about how unhappy she was, of how she felt like a prisoner in her home, how she wished she could break free.

Yet the day had arrived and she had welcomed it sobbing.

“What will I do now?” she wailed. “I feel utterly incomplete.”

For once, I was at a loss for words.

Should I tell her to host a party to declare her new state of independence, or should I…

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Seven: My Musical Interlude

If you’re like me, you have many post subjects pending. One of mine is music. I keep circling around it like some humongous beast because I have yet to figure out how to condense my eclectic tastes to a “postable” size. 🙂

A fellow Blogging pal, has given me a great roadmap. I’ve changed it up a little bit, as is a woman’s prerogative lol. You can check out the original post by Moet with Medusa post here. Medusa’s list was five but try as I might I could NOT go that low.

If you were going on vacation and could only take seven albums with you, what would you take and why?


When I think of Jill Scott the word incomparable comes to mind because her vocals are fantastic, her music is soulful, poetic and raw and she her works illustrate a love of multiple genres. I have seen her perform four times and it is such a treat. Her spirit shines and anyone who has ever seen her perform will tell you that her presence lights up a stadium. She never sings a song the same way twice and it’s kick azz every time. Her love of music is illustrated by the way she lays down so many of her tracks backed by live orchestration. She is a study in contrasts, exemplifying old school soul and new school with a graceful execution. She is Beautifully Human…


Immensely talented and commercially underrated. Dark, moody, surrealistic and soulful. She will take you on a journey if you left her. Uncompromising in her art and endlessly fulfilling, she touches my heart and head no matter how many times I hear her. She has been nominated for nine Grammy awards. Night time album if you get my drift ;).


I go nowhere without Prince. He has fascinated me for four decades. If there is a genre that he has not influenced or distilled into his music, I have yet to hear about it. Ok, I know you country fans are squirming and you would be right, that’s the only one. If you are a Prince fan, you can read a separate entry on him here. True love knows no age and they still have to hold me back at concerts so I won’t ummm forget myself. I picked this album because his all too brief foray into Jazz was epic.


I picked this album because you have to have something to make you jump and smile on vacation and this does it for me every time.


This album blew my mind apart. It epitomizes the artistry of intelligent hip-hop. The artistry is evident in the lyrics, arrangement and old school beats. They use double entendres, alliteration and deconstruction. Not to mention that the album is a nod to the famous author’s book, Chinua Achebe. It also holds the distinction of introducing me to Jill Scott.


What can be sad about Ms. Hill that hasn’t already been said? She shines so brightly that her trajectory is blinding and her contribution will never be forgotten. This album reminds me of sunshine. It gets me moving and makes me smile – on the inside.

7. U2: WAR

I am an 80’s rock fiend. U2, The Police, Van Halen, Rush, AC-DC…the list goes on. U2 tops my list and it should be easy to guess why. They jogged my 14 year old consciousness with their messages of love, strife and social change. Their songs are infinitely relatable and kick azz – for decades. I still LOVE Bono and revere The Edge. Bono is still rocking his leather for God’s sake and how many rock drummers can compete with The Edge? Right. :).

I am deathly ill that I had to leave Stevie, Marvin Gaye, Pink Floyd, Sade, Busta, Siouxsie and The Banshees & Sinead O’Connor behind. Thank God for IPOD’s and playlists lol. Next time….

What is Love? A Musical Tribute Pt . 1

To me, the act of creation is the truest reflection of God. Love inspires so many phenomenal works of art and music is, without doubt, one of it’s purest expressions. A good love song is timeless, spanning genres, race, class and generations. Art is a reflection of the times in which we live and it’s influence is so obvious from looking at these selections. Most are love ballads but the selection touches on all kinds of love, from attraction to the joyous, romantic to parental and through heartbreak to the triumphant. No doubt, music has changed and the change is not for the better. Here then, is part I of my favorite love songs.

My thanks to my Mom for exposing me to so many different kinds of music, her taste is truly eclectic and much love to my Sweetie for helping me put this together.