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Sum and Sun – Poetic

Cum kiss my lips.

Cum bathe my thighs.


Cum to me,

dressed only in

the shades of your desire.


Cum all over my face,

because I can wear you that way.


Cum making sensation,

libidinous waves.


Cum copious.

Cum glorious,


– nature’s opiate.


Cum to heaven’s gate

where undulating octaves

and starry stratospheres await.


Cum bring me your sweetness,

 your need

and limitless freakiness.





glistening and relished.


Cum drink

the elixir of my life essence.


Cum with me

– a passionate exchange.


Cum on me

– a dissolution of pain.


Cum dripping from my lips,

and seeping into my interior.

A shifting present,

eradicating the past.


Cum for me,

hear that?

It’s Me,

I’m coming so fast.



your cum,

burning my orifices

and filling the fathomless deep of

– what else? –

my need.


Cum for you,

I am saturated with greed.


Cum oh cum,



right side up

or upside down.



my cum,

until  I’m sore.

You know you always want more.



a natural manifestation,

become the glad orchestration

– the Sum and Sun

of our erotic combination.



please come,

inside me,

astride me,

ride me,

hard and deliriously deep.



the wet of it,

the taste of it,

the want of it,

and the sound of you

taking me in.



sending ripples of ecstasy

through my limbs and your mind.


Cum Baby Cum,

so sublime

– the closest we get to divine.





for you,

can’t seem to help it,

cumming all the time

– where else? –

but in my mind…

Guest Author: She’s a Tease by Sita Tisa

Here is an Erotic short penned by one of my friends, Sita Tisa. Sita is blessed with the soul of a poet, an eye for beauty, a delightfully quirky and talented mind, a love of words and all things Eros. Hot, yes? 🙂


She’s a Tease

The music got louder in the club, the kind of loud that discouraged much talk in a good way. The lights went dimmer as the club set the mood for the evening. The song made her burst into dance on her seat…a kind of graceful wiggle, she looked back at me and laughed, her eyes playful and bright. She caught me staring at her back and nape. I loved watching her.

Her smile grew into longing, I could tell because she turned her whole body on the seat and faced me. She poured a little more beer in my glass, then slowly traced the edges with her middle finger, round and round and round. The minuscule movement turned me on and mesmerized me as I pressed my legs together. I shifted on my seat. She knew her effect on me and looked away smiling……

I took a swig of my drink, trying to ignore my hardening nipples under my blouse. Then she turned suddenly and reached for me, as though to whisper something in my ear, so I moved forward to listen. I closed my eyes instinctively, waiting to hear her velvety voice. Instead, I felt her tongue tease my ear and she took a nip at it. It startled me so much I spilt my drink a little as a gasp escaped my lips. She pulled me to her as though she had more to say. I tried to look around to see if anyone saw us but no one was bothered, – everyone was warming to the music and overcome with intoxication.

She abruptly let go of me and sat back in her chair, staring at me. I was so flustered and hot! I love ear play and was simply amazed I got away with it in a packed club. As I was trying to get my composure I felt her leg under the table pry mine apart. I relented…wondering what she was up to next. She pushed her chair in and nudged her knee closer and upwards, reaching my crotch. She thrust in and ahhh, it hit the spot through my jeans sending shivers through my body. She nudged at my crotch again and again, grinding into it. She got into a rhythm with the beat of the music and the feeling was so erotic that I barely cared. A waiter whizzed past our table checking on our drinks and the nudging came to an abrupt halt as we asked for more. The moment passed, or so I thought.…

As we got our refills, I sipped on the last of my beer allowing my mind to wander and think about her lips and how good they felt, imagining them on my nipples, and her tongue gently teasing my throbbing clit, kissing, licking and sucking my pussy lips. Nooo, I had to block that out otherwise I wouldn’t last the evening. I opened my eyes and caught her staring at me with that cheeky smile. I felt really vulnerable at the way she read me so easily, she could see I wanted her……

She slipped her hand under the table and a new song came on that got half the club on their feet dancing. We were under the dark shadows of dancing bodies, her hand reached for my button and she unzipped my jeans slowly. I held my breath as her hand sunk into my pants while she wandered, ever so slowly, down, down, down, until she felt my clit hood and to my surprise she slapped it. I felt a thousand jolts of electricity. I looked at her in shock, our eyes locked and her fingers pried my lips apart, feeling the warm and wet. Her smile looked more like a leer now, she realized just how hot I was for her. She rubbed me with those grinding movements and I lost all modesty. I sat back and let her have her way with me. Meantime, the song was at fever pitch, everyone singing along and dancing their hearts out. The only rhythm I felt were her fingers now fucking me in swift, short strokes. Her eyes never left mine I could feel a climax rising.…I was shamelessly bucking at her every thrust, whimpering for more and more and more and when I was seconds away from bliss…She pulled her hand away so suddenly that I groaned loudly, mouthing, “WHY???”

Her only answer, eyes locked on mine, as she licked and sucked each finger that had been inside of me clean was, “Zip up and have your drink. There is a time and place for everything. I will have all of you when the time is right.”…”

I reeled in shock, wondering at how self-centered this minx-tease was. Somehow, I needed to return the favor. My thoughts were a blur as I squirmed and zipped up my pants. One day…

Sita Tisa is a free spirit who enjoys sharing erotic thoughts, ideas and experiences. She purrs like a cat at the thought of chains, toys and vivid imagery. As an African sexually fluid individual, she tries to delve into what would otherwise be considered taboo in the hopes that we can all open up our minds, enjoy ourselves and have mind blowing erotic experiences.…

She touched me…

I was bored today so I read your blog.

Not knowing what to expect,

I expected everything

and absorbed it all

like a thirsty sponge.

You surprised me,

how much revealed,

how much concealed.

You touched me

with your passionate antics,

fevered imagination

and madcap ideas.

You intrigued me

with your intelligence

and perverseness

honed to a fine point.

Your pursuit of passion

inflamed me

till I dripped,

hard and hungry for more.

I laughed,

I sighed,

for the 7,369 miles that lies between us.

Would that I could reach out

and touch you between your thighs,

listen to the ramblings of your quirky mind

and run my tongue, meandering,

down the curvature of your spine.

Would that I could whisper to you

all of my desires,

engaging you aurally

or anyway you ask me to.

Would that I could give to you

the lash of my passion,

the love of my blindfold,

the back of my hand,

the nip of my teeth

and soft sweetness

of oral tapestries.

Ecstasy, greed, adoration

and all that lies in between.

Your words invoke

the sunrise,

vistas of green and earth tone hues,

tempestuous ocean waves

and the unbridled beauty of Lunar moons.

Would that I could

reach you,

teach you,

tease and please you,

intoxicate and feed you

and drowning in your touch

be touched too….

For Melissa 11/10

Smitten *Adult Content*

I met you at the restaurant and it was the beginning of a memorable night. Across the table, our eyes brush and roam and lock. Secret messages flash across the distance that separates us and in the silence electricity crackles. Casually, you reach across the table and your hand brushes mine. I lean across to feed you and our legs touch. From such innocent movements passion and tenderness are emitted. Jazz is playing somewhere in the distance. You woo me and although our dance is private, volumes are transmitted through the air. The woman next to us falls in stride with our sensuality and high on our vibes begins to idly caress her neck. Her lover stares to see her hands lovingly trace and caress her own flesh. On our other side, a man shifts and shifts, his cock achingly hard, wanting to burst free from the confines of his jeans. When you feed me, a small, breathless moan makes it’s way out of my mouth and the waiter once intent on being attentive and non-intrusive stares with avid curiosity. My nipples are perpetually hard in your presence and all I want is your hands on me. I watch you chew and lick and sip, getting wetter imagining that it is me you eat. Glimpses of your tongue fascinate me and I hope, oh I hope, that it is not all over my face. Conversation between us ebbs and flows, the words leaving so little impression upon me that only one in ten register, senseless, yet making sense. I wonder if you know how smitten I am and how your presence draws me out and in simultaneously. A sexual soundtrack is playing in my brain and while I want to hear you in the now, I can only hear you in our bed and all other sounds are drowned out.

Like ladies, we adjourn to the bathroom and it is across the cold expanse of porcelain that our eyes lock in the mirror. I move closer to you and you turn into my embrace. You fit there and there you rest for untold seconds, the beating of your heart and full, soft breast filling up my space. Before we can be discovered, I take your hand and lead you, a willing prisoner, into the stall. I am rewarded, for enclosed you become my lioness. You lean me back against the wall and rain kisses across my lips, down my face and into the shadowy place between my breasts. Open mouthed, I melt against the cool tile, arms stretched out bracing myself against the walls. I can feel my hot flesh shiver with anticipation as your hands slide up my thighs, under my skirt, pushing aside my thong and plunging into me…into me, deeply and surely. Always vocal, a whimper escapes me. You lock your mouth on mine to keep me quiet and guide one leg onto the toilet. The distant sounds of opening and closing doors come to me but I am way past caring that anyone would hear. If they heard, would they be jealous? Spread to your satisfaction, you fuck me with an unrelenting insistence that has me rocking and begging, tears escaping from the corners of my eyes which is all the passion that I am unable to verbalize. Soon come. I thought you would tease me here and then take me when we reached the hotel but neither of us can wait. I’ve been waiting untold hours and am wound tight like a drum. Is it your skill or all that built up tension that makes me implode, lava like cum dripping straight onto your tongue? As we leave the bathroom, I smile at your glistening lips. Is that lipstick or my cum, as yet undried, upon your mouth?

Flip…Fuck oh fuck. Somehow you have convinced me to let you blindfold and gag me. Deprived of sight, I can only smell you. A musky mix of sandalwood and jasmine. You lie next to me, barely brushing me and all I can feel are your turgid nipples grazing mine and the radiating warmth of your body. Yearning, I try to wriggle closer and laughingly you back away. You kneel next to my face so I can smell your pussy but nimbly dodge my upturned face. You whisper things to me. Dirty things, Teasing things and you flick at my chocolate nipples. You reach and grab just my clit, squeezing it and rubbing it for one brief moment and then you are gone. I hear you move decisively across the wooden floor and back. Now, incense perfumes the air. I hear you release the curtain of your hair and then your locks graze me, from my chest down to my thighs. I love their weight. Now you drip, drip, drip oil across my body and begin to massage me. You knead my flesh, you fuck me with your fingers, suck and kiss me in forgotten places and then massage me again until I can feel my eyes rolling upward. My body is incredibly relaxed and taut all at once. You remove the gag from my mouth and kiss me. I was starving for that. Throb, convulse, throb, my pussy song. You climb astride and find me full of liquid sweetness. I want to see you but you deny my request, instead you turn around and 69 us and I am left to imagine your ass all up in my face. Between that and the filthy whispered curses that pour out of me as you pull on my pussy lips with your teeth I come and come again because you fill me with your fingers and myriad cylindrical objects while devouring my cunt, knowing just how I want it and just how hard to give it.


 You didn’t believe so you came my way.  Slowly, Inexorably. Inevitably. Through time.  A wearied traveler, drawn from the distance.  Beseeched by my rhythms. In gradations, in stages and glimpses.  Swishing gently, like butterfly’s wings. An intimate dance. Vibrato. Two. With the grace, beauty and passion of a sinuous panther.  You. So lyrical, so deep.  Like water flowing through a valley of rippled indentations and…peaks. Not to be believed.

Making me fire, I yearned for you in my arms. With the brilliance of silver, you struck my glance and left me  raw with need. It seemed so long… the twining of us, with the pureness of a raging. Charm, wit, humor, warmth. A real yet diaphanous depth. Your sides. Mentally and physically taking me to places beyond. Thought I never would go. Such a Breadth of vision. A zest for life. Plentitudes of love – for me…. Mine….All Mine. Love just to look at you. Compelled by you….Drawn in to you and this delicious wetness. Cities of the Interior.  Your curves…Your hues. Your round, soft roughness. Your fragrant, creamy sweetness.  Ripe, like fruit.  Mute. Bound. Supplicant. Succulent. Lush. Longing. Yielding. Open. Glistening. Attuned. Enraptured. Captured. Pinned and Pining.

Want me? Want you. Greed, can feel it everywhere, pounding, pulsing, thrumming, through me. Heat. Brushing and pressing against you. Oceanic maps. The imprint of you forever impressed upon the memory of my fingertips. The point of my tongue. In my throat. Now  encircled. Ensorcelled. True.

***For Anais

 © Coco Rivers 2000


You wafted in

on summer breezes,

scented like

dissolution of lily.

Eyes dimmed

by untruths

yet uttered.


Soft to my sight,

like fallen petals.

Languid lashes,

wet with dew.

Skin invisibly scarred

with the evidence of battles

waged and lost.


Your tattoo,

etched for eternity

proclaimed “Tame Me”,

a silent taunt.

Was it then,


that you laid claim to my heart?


I took my time

and lapped

at the edges

of your consciousness.

That which you would let me see.


I gorged myself upon your syllables

until they gave forth their essence,

forgotten melodies.


I flogged myself

for my weakness,

but you danced

a pas de deux

in my dreams.


Why resist a call so insidious,

as it filled the spaces

between blood and heartbeat?


You leapt with laughter

at my silliness.

Convulsed mindlessly,

around my center

and formed a moue

at once so gentle,

and sensual

that I wished to sculpt it,

immortal forever.


We walked

as nights gave way to dawns

and drank till drunkeness

knew no more.

Twining silhouettes of tenderness,

lost and found,

love so instantaneous

it ran aground,

whispering secrets

as it slapped my face.


Unseen and tangible,

we communicated,



and pontificated

that which defies examination,

stoking the soul’s imagination.



I vowed never to forget you

and you,

you vowed

to ingest me,

so that what we’d found

would ever remain

in the spaces between

love and pain.

Exploring Venus

You said you didn’t want me
as if wanting was an emotion that you didn’t believe in.
Laughable, really, when it was so obvious that you needed me.
Needing is all together finer since it arises unbidden
And can not be denied.
I feel your heart clamoring
every time I come near you
and my heart, traitor that it is, strikes an answering chord.
My only safe articulation, Lust, summons me
and I emit my Siren call.

Ladylike, pristine, insular and refined,
I want you devastated with passion upon my sheets
Reeling with, what else, your need of me.

I fill you speechless with my Self,
The most devastating penetration,
And enjoy the escalating, ululations that seep
from the corners of your selves.

Do you want me when I have you pushed up against a dirty wall,
Too enflamed to wait for an appropriate place,
Dress gaping in front, stockings torn and your thong,
a distant memory,
balled upon the floor?

Do you want me when your head is arched back
and  I, only I, hover over your mouth
inhaling the heat and fullness of your life’s breath,
sucking sweetly, deeply, yet oh so fleetingly,
in an intimate dance with your tongue?

Do you want me when your clever façade is completely undone?

I love you, lanced with desire, mindless and pliant
And I make you eat your words as need comes pouring out your mouth.

Do you need me when we stand in front of a hotel window,
Shameless, miles above the clueless masses,
hands bound and breasts jutting from your red bustier,
as you moan,
my hands exploring Venus,
lost in juiciness,
blindfolded and weak?
When I leave you there in the cold, sterile wind
of abandoned desires,
do you need me then?

I need you and want you,
willing or unwilling,
Sweet vanilla syrup,
Overwhelming like the beauty of a thousand moons,
intoxicating like frangipani
Upon my tongue.

My pussy throbs for you
All the time, any time.
And I am stunned senseless by the phantasmagoric waves
Of my orgasms,
Which leave me sated and yet craving,
trembling and luminescent
in their tempestuous wake.
I stuff your orifices with my desire
And watch it expand
Until it weeps from your pores.
Then, you whisper beg me and ask for more.

What is want when need is so much more fulfilling?

When Beauty Answered…

I knocked upon doors

without number

searching for sweet surcease

and one sultry, August day,

Beauty answered me.

A beauty I had scarce imagined

and touched upon only in dreams.

An event which shocked all my senses,

in effect,

blinding me.

Joy was brief and sudden,

disintegrating as quickly as it came.

She is a two-faced mistress

who for her price

oft requires payment

– purified by pain.

I was

unprepared for the answer

that Beauty

was not mine to claim.

A sailor searches

seas for treasure,

My treasure found

– was lost at sea.

I stand before the gates of heaven,

bloated with unanswered questions,

and weighed down by grief.

They create tumultuous storms
that are mirrored in my Spirit’s keep.

Really then,

is this illusion?

Joy once found,

never meant to be?

I watch the silken hem of her skirts

as they swish fluidly round the bend,

departing from my dreams.


and only my strength

keeps me standing,

useless pleas dead in the void

before I give them breath to speak.

Why does my tongue thirst

and heart quaver

at the mere mention of Beauty’s name?

Only I know how my flesh burns

and fingers ache

by the phantom brushes

left in her wake.

I cannot atone for my ears

which yearn

for the beauty of a specific tone,

uttering three small words

or wreathed in the enormity of ecstatic moans.

Yet there is nothing,

and nothing,

and nothing….

Just an empty space

vibrating with the fading echo

of Beauty’s disappearing face.

My soul recoils

so deep the pain.


turning inwards,

‘pon myself

to feel

the softly, creeping stealth

of unimagined loss

as it covers me,

unveiling Self….