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MLK & Racial Inequality: State of the Dream

I cried three times yesterday.

Once, at historic nature of President Obama’s second inaugural address. Listening to him, I was seized by an enormous feeling of pride. Proud at the collective struggle required and achieved, all bound up in his re-election, pride in his personal achievements, as this battle has been hard fought. I can only applaud his perseverance, strength and determination, it is nothing short of inspirational considering the forces working against him.

My pride was multi-dimensional, for as I looked at him, I felt strongly that his place in the world is a shining example of what change times has wrought. I could feel a heavenly chorus of my ancestors applauding him, for he is the living embodiment of a long line of bloody human sacrifices, strife and struggle.

I do not have to invoke the names of Martin Luther, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, Thurgood Marshall, Sojourner Truth, or Nat Turner, all of whom are a drop in the ocean of humanity that made this moment possible. But I invoke them anyway because to say their names fills me with love, respect and power. They’d probably be the first to say that they were but the righteous arm of justice… Of progress.

So yesterday, my heart could not help but remember the nameless slaves who died waiting for salvation; those who were beaten bloody as they fought for freedom, my Great Grandmother included, and those who had the strength of character to continue standing long after their spirits should have been broken. The Everyman and woman without whom I would not be who I am today.

And just as I grappled with the largeness of those thoughts, Richard Blanco read his inaugural poem, One Today, which echoed many of my thoughts. We are, no matter our own individual strivings, the culmination of ancestral hopes, dreams and efforts, which brought on a second wave of happy tears.

I am truly happy that this moment occurred in my lifetime.

Many hours later, watching a special on MLK, I wept a final time in recognition of all that remains to be done.

President Obama, as I continually point out to all whom will listen, is not a civil rights leader. He wears the mantle of president and works well in the confines and dictates of his office. He’s been accused of not taking up the mantle for the poor and not speaking directly to the issues of African Americans which is largely true.

However, that truth sits inside another one. You can’t voice that without recognition of his position. I believe that his silence is not a falling of conscience, but mostly due to the politicization and polarization that still surrounds race in America. His seeming unwillingness to confront the myriad issues head on underscore the limitations of his reach as an American president. “Past is Prologue.”

You might be thinking, African Americans no longer need a civil rights leader. After all the progress that has been made, what for? I know you’re probably a bootstrap-believer-type. If so, you probably think we don’t need Affirmative Action anymore either. Look at Maya Angelou, Oprah Winfrey, Samuel L. Jackson and Tiger Woods, to name a few. There is a long list of highly, visible celebrities who are…

NOT in the least bit indicative of the average African American.

In matters of racism, it’s best to rely on facts and barring that, the personal experience of those who fall victim to it. Opinions are not facts and if you are thinking some version of the above, you should know the statistics do NOT bear you out.

These days, people love to argue about why African Americans still talk about slavery and racism. *sigh* Frequently, we are accused of “race baiting” when we, or anyone else armed with a few facts, dares to mention the R word.

Ponder if you will the following statistics:

– The African American unemployment rate is 13.2%, higher than any other ethnic group. It has been twice that of Whites for the last 60 years. Check out this video by the Coalition for Change.
– Of the 2.3 million incarcerated Americans, approx. 1 million are African American incarcerated. . Statistically speaking, every minority in America is more likely to be incarcerated than their White counterparts.
– African American home ownership is 44.8%, at it’s lowest level in 16 years, compared to Whites at 74.1%. Home ownership is one of the single biggest indicators of the middle class.

See the following link for The State of the Dream 2013 by United for a Fair Economy.

The statistics speak of a systemic inequality that can’t be overcome on a strictly, individual level. It is illustrative of institutional racism. It may even speak to ongoing, pervasive feeling of devaluation by African Americans. The one thing most people seem most unwilling to grapple with is the psychological effects of racism, yet they are absolutely germane to discussions on race.

The statistics show that while inequality has, arguably, changed on it’s face, it is still alive and well. To fight that on myriad fronts, we need a leader outside the constraints of politics, who will serve as a marshaling force, inspire a movement. A movement that will wake us up and bring us together collectively to fight for changes that are sorely needed, within and without. More progress. More action. More eradication of injustice. Only then will the majority be able to reach for a dream that is full of their God-given potential as human beings. Then, our ancestors could truly be at peace. #happythankyoumoreplease

“It’s all right to tell a man to lift himself by his own bootstraps, but it is cruel jest to say to a bootless man that he ought to lift himself by his own bootstraps.”

Missed this? Yes, me too :). See attached for Full Debt Ceiling News Conference Video and Presidential updates.

The Burden of a Black President – Atlantic Mobile


Double Trouble: Barack and Biden, Politics and Media Bias

I thoroughly enjoyed the verbal trouncing that President Obama threw down on Mitt Romney last night. It was SO worth the wait. Not only did he confront the multitude of lies and half truths that Romney loves to parrot, he did it with class, intelligence and flawlessly, fluent articulation.

Seriously, check out this great piece by Think Progress: At Last Night’s Debate, Romney told 31 myths in 41 minutes . That’s gotta be some kind of record.

In my opinion, PBO quite literally met Romney toe for toe, as the debate format allowed them to cross physical boundaries. From previous debates, it’s fair to say that Obama does well in this format. It speaks to a kind of mental tai chi. Some folks simply move/think faster on their feet and for a person who is clearly competitive it’s likely a better sparring space, which not only allows you to confront your opponent but dispel energy.

One of the things I thought so cool, was the way Obama dispelled all initial criticisms of his prior debate performance.

Not aggressive enough? Check.

Not passionate enough? Check.

Not present? Listless? Check.

Not engaging? Check.

Not looking his opponent in the eye? Check.

Not enough zingers? Double Check.

We can surely all agree that PBO thoroughly emphasized his strengths, accomplishments and hallmark issues: immigration, women’s right’s, the 47%, Foreign policy experience, veracity, commitment, dedication, consistency and CHARACTER.

Even so, the MSNBC political pundits had teensy complaints this morning. Andrea Mitchell, opined that PBO hadn’t SMILED enough? WTF?! Some other pundit said the debate wasn’t substantive enough (Should be noted that the first debate was criticized as being too substantive), while yet another claimed that neither of Romney or Obama answered the questions put to them.

Chris Todd gets the prize for number one criticism:

“The so-called questions from supposedly undecided voters, and those dissatisfied with the Bush years, seemed to benefit the President, allowing him to hone in on hallmarks of campaign..” Chris Todd, Daily Rundown 10/17/12

Amazing, yes?

  • So, are women not supposed to be concerned with women’s rights? Go figure.
  • Should parents not be concerned about the potential elimination of education credits and vanishing deductions?
  • Are those of Latin descent not supposed to be concerned with immigration?
  • Does it seem crazy that an African American male, whose race is currently laboring under double digit unemployment, be concerned as to what the administration’s plans are for the next four years?
  • I know, it must seem ludicrous that a man would be concerned about foreign policy and the desperate attempts being made, by the media and the GOP, to turn the administration’s handling of Libya into a scandal…

They all seem like perfectly logical questions to me. The assertion itself is not only illogical but just another flagrant, baseless attempt to cast aspersion on President Obama’s administration. But that’s nothing new. In fact, it’s become de rigueur which is just flat out disgusting.

I’ve plugged my ears to the naysayers. They seem hellbent on picking apart every word and nuance to find fault and amplify it. It’s really, really sad that the public is unable to rely upon so much of the media for unbiased, factual, educational statements as they attempt to pick a candidate and the future direction of our country. Like our political system, the media is b-b-broken. Enough with the sensationalism!

President Obama and Joe Biden did a stellar job in the last two debates and I’m happy to say it’s exactly what I expected, naysayers be damned.

Strategically speaking, I am convinced, somewhat belatedly, that Obama’s first debate performance was partially a tactic to feel out Romney’s strengths and weaknesses. In which case, it came off beautifully :). Looking forward to round 3.

20 days and counting…

Music to my ears as it was, the title and inspiration of this piece deserves a special shout out to The Roots because after last night’s Presidential debate the song below came roaring into my consciousness. HELL YEAH!

It did that thing that all good music does, leaves you buzzin’ on an energy groove. The beats invaded my synapses and neurons, refusing to leave. A mind trip otherwise known as lyrical excellence. It comes in many forms…


Or, if you aren’t a hiphop-o-phile and managed to miss it and would rather the real thing, check it out:


You were the change: Democratic National Convention 2012

Summer is officially over and that crash/bang sound you heard is me landing back on the blog scene. I never said I was graceful but I do, indeed, always announce my entrance with fanfare ;).

I hope this post finds you well and…. FIRED UP AND READY TO GO!!!

Avid political junkie that I am, I watched both the RNC and DNC. In spite of my attempt to be open minded, the RNC plagued me with headaches. No lie. I was so enraged by the spectacle of selfishness, the grandiosity of lies and attempts to bullshit the American people that I was glad when it was over. By contrast, I was increasingly more jubilant every night of the DNC because they spoke to me.

Spoke to me of myriad things, the images alone were a true embodiment of what America has become and what I hope our future looks like. People, of all races, cultures, religions, sexual orientation, ages, classes and creeds, bonded together to achieve goals which are beneficial to the common good.

After so much vitriol and hateful rhetoric, it was fantastic to see the passion, commitment and love which people have for President Obama. It can not be gainsaid. He is the most polarizing figure of our times, both loved and unjustly reviled. All my life, I have bemoaned the fact that I live in an age full of cynicism, lacking a unifying, social cause and great leadership. I have listened with fascination to the elders of my family when they reminisce about MLK, Malcolm X and JFK, their voices infused with love and admiration. I confess that I did not completely understand it, although I yearned to. It was my way to get lost in imaginings and love from a distance the accomplishments of giants.

I am glad that I have lived to see and experience a transformative figure and change in the collective human psyche. President Obama is a giant in our time, history unfolding. Much has been said about his historic rise to the presidency and someday the history books will reflect that many of the changes he ushered in are historic as well. #LOVETHAT – It is a thing of beauty.

I am deeply disgusted each time I hear someone opine that African Americans voted/support President Obama just because he is Black. In the same way that I was disgusted when a close friend of mine said she was voting for Hilary in 2008 because she was a woman, period end of story. The argument speaks to cynicism and a prejudice. It’s insulting because it implies a lack of judgement on the part of the African American electorate and blind adulation based on race. Dare I say that many of us are a. more intelligent than that and b. more discerning. Go figure.

I will go down on the record saying that I began to pay attention to incumbent Obama because he was an anomaly, a Black man running for President but that would never be sufficient to gain my vote. I stayed to listen because the issues he spoke of resonated with me and because the intelligence, character, values, commitment and passion of the man were, even then, irrefutable.

There are people running amok raving about unfulfilled promises, NDAA, Guantanamo Bay, campaign finance reform, the assault on civil liberties and the broken machine that is our politics. I understand and mirror their concern. The world is an imperfect place and their is a lot of shit that needs fixing. It takes more than one person and four years to fix it. Democracy is not a dictatorship and his power is not unilateral, re-read the Constitution if you need a refresher.

“The work of many minds, the U. S. Constitution stands as a model of cooperative statesmanship and the art of compromise….”

To my mind, PBO has fulfilled a great many of his promises and there is no president that can be said to have accomplished everything he set out to do in any case. Bill Clinton’s speech underscored the difficulty of the road he’s travelled in his DNC speech,

“President Obama started with a much weaker economy than I did.  No  President – not me or any of my predecessors could have repaired all the damage  in just four years.”

Bubba rocked!!!!

You are simply not dealing with reality if you turn a blind eye to the dire economic situation he “inherited”, or discount the unprecedented level of Congressional obstruction that has marred his presidency and impeded progress. Certainly, I don’t agree with every thing he’s done but all things, and obstacles considered, he’s done a damn, fine job.

Romney’s values, or lack thereof, and his vision of America, is not one I wish to live in. Not to mention that it will erode years of progress and sacrifice for the LGBT community, women, destroy the middle class, endanger immigrants and severely impact the social safety net. For me, the choice is crystal clear.

I hope the electorate is AWAKE to what is on the line and willing to do their part. Quiet as it’s kept, the political system is not just broken due to corruption, greed, lobbyists and money. It’s broken because apathy is widespread and too many of us fail to understand the importance of voting, the responsibility of citizenship in a functional democracy, and belief in our ability to collectively effect change.

So, I am going to put my money where my mouth is and volunteer. Don’t be shy, you can too :). Think of all the cool people you might meet and the difference you can make. Favorite line from President Obama’s speech? You were the change. And we can be again.

P.S. – OMG I so missed writing 🙂

Rolling Stone Mobile – Politics – Politics: Ready for the Fight: Rolling Stone Interview with Barack Obama


White Women’s Rage: 5 Thoughts On Why Jan Brewer Should Keep Her Fingers To Herself (Crunk Feminist Collective)

I LOVE THIS POST! They broke it down righteously ;). Fantastic blog to know. Happy reading!

The Crunk Feminist Collective

What is wrong with this picture?

1.)   He is the President. She is being disrespectful. As hell.  Period. Point Blank. End of Discussion.

2.)   White privilege conditions white people not to see white rage. However, it makes them hyper-aware of Black threat.   Newt Gingrich is white rage personified. And for it, he gets loads of applause.  So is Jan Brewer, but usually we think of white rage in masculine terms. Gender stereotypes condition us not to see white women as being capable of this kind of dangerous emotional output. We reserve our notions of female anger for Black women. Such hidden race-gender logics allow Brewer to assert that she “felt threatened,” even though she was trying to handle the situation “with grace.”  Now look back at the picture: who is threatening whom? Couple white rage with white women’s access to the protections that have been afforded to their gender, and…

View original post 699 more words

And They’re Off: This Week In The Political Hemisphere

That may seem to be an overly optimistic headline but only if you haven’t been keeping track of current political events. The election year has begun with a bang and there is a lot to smile about this week for those on the Left. Cough cough. Those who support our President, in particular. Yes, we will!

Republicans…not so much.

I’m resisting the urge to gloat but the facts speak for themselves. If you don’t believe me, consider the increasingly desperate and unhinged behavior of the GOP candidates in their bid for the presidency. I can graciously say that although it’s early on, it’s simply not looking good.

Without invoking the words fascism, oligarchy, far right, libertarians, Tea Party, obstructionists, or idealogues, the GOP candidates are SO unpalatable that there is still NO clear front runner. A lot can be said for underestimating one’s enemy and even with the idiocy of the opponents, they have structural leverage and a hell of a lot of power. Even more alarming, than their greed and obsessive power, they have HATE. C’mon what else do you think is fueling the incessant drive to revile Obama EVEN when he does good for the country? So, I am expecting them to eventually coalesce for their shared goals, no matter how dismal, or morally objectionable, their tool may be…

2012 Iowa Caucus

The winner is…Mitt Romney. Coming in second place by a hair’s breadth, with 8 votes less, was Rick Santorum. This has been slightly overshadowed by claims of a miscount but in any case, they are the leading contenders. See final tally here.

Ron Paul came in 3rd. A fact that still boggles my mind considering his bigotry, homophobia, anti-semitic and libertarian views. Amazingly enough, he got a good portion of the young vote, presumably due to his anti-war stance.

Michele Bachmann has graciously decided to drop out of the race due to her very poor showing. Quelle horreur and in her home state, no less! It seems her time has passed and her one claim to fame will be the establishment of the Tea Party. Consider she got less votes than some people have followers on Twitter, I’m just saying.

Rick Perry, showing that he is more pugnacious than clever, remains in the race and is forging ahead to New Hampshire.

Newt Gingrich, is doing his best to emulate “Hell hath no fury like a GOP candidate scorned” has thrown down the gauntlet. Laying his dramatic decline in the polls at the feet of Romney’s negative campaign ads he too is forging ahead. Not with the logical goal of winning but seemingly motivated by revenge.

What could be more hysterical than the fact that the ads contain the truth about him? Unethical, no not him. Look at how he’s whining! Gingrich seems completely unconcerned that he will effectively split the Republican vote which is hardly desirable. So much for doing what’s best for the party. He shows all the signs of a man obsessed by power and dare I say that his emotionalism is NOT a desirable characteristic in a president? Would you want this petulant, narcisstic, elitist, egoistic individual to have his finger on the button? I didn’t think so.

In my opinion, the remaining contenders don’t count. Buddy Roemer, Champion of Citizen United, a worthy cause, has forgotten the old adage that it is better to change the system from within. His strategy will not hold water. He’s absolutely right about getting the money out of politics but unless he is endorsed by American’s Elect I doubt that he will do more than raise a hue and cry amongst enough voters to matter.

John Huntsman, the self-proclaimed underdog, in spite of his endorsement by The Boston Globe, doesn’t stand a chance. He has neither the numbers, backing, or financial support to cause a threat to anyone.

In an unprecedented show of insanity, Herman Cain has announced a new movement, The Solution Revolution. The gall just astounds me. He’s going on a bus tour looking for Congressional support of his policies including <cough cough> 999. talk about never say die. How clueless is this guy? Is the word movement not a shameless bid to identify his campaign with the common folk? He IS the 1%. Not to mention, the tiny fact that it’s feasibility has been challenged AND it will increase taxes on the middle and lower classes. Yet, he persists. I JUST CAN’T…

The ad is screamingly funny!

Notably, all this backbiting amongst the candidates is overshadowed by the inability of the Religious Right to back ONE candidate. There is a frenzy of activity to get their act together. Not that I can blame them. Tick Tock. Their indecision is very possibly forestalling votes for a specific candidate.  With such a crew, they will find it near impossible to oust President Obama. Good luck with that.

The Redefinition of Rape

Attorney General, Eric Holder, announced this week that the definition of rape will be changed:

In a victory for survivors of rape and their advocates, the Attorney General announced a newly revised definition of rape for nationwide data collection, ensuring that rape will be more accurately reported nationwide.

The change sends an important message to all victims that what happens to them matters, and to perpetrators that they will be held accountable.  It was because of the voices of survivors, advocates, law enforcement personnel and many others that FBI Director Robert Mueller was able to make this important change within the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report (UCR) Summary Reporting System (SRS).

“Forcible rape” had been defined by the UCR SRS as “the carnal knowledge of a female, forcibly and against her will.”  That definition, unchanged since 1927, was outdated and narrow. It only included forcible male penile penetration of a female vagina.

The new definition is:

“The penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim.”  See US DOJ for full article.

The world has changed and so must our conceptions of what rape is. Rape doesn’t just happen to women. It happens to children. It happens to men, transgenders etc.

It doesn’t just involve penile penetration, as any number of abused children can tell you.

This acknowledgement and re-writing of the law especially significant at a time when sex scandals, Child abuse and Church sex scandals seem to be on the rise. I don’t have to mention names, I am sure one, or two will immediately jump to mind.

It serves to send a message to the victims that they are not wrong, or crazy. It removes the stigma associated with non-female sexual assault and sends a message to society that we need to be supportive of ALL the casualties of sexual predators who dwell among us. Right On.

Obama’s Recess Appointments

Ah, how sweet the sound. President Obama in another move that smacks of strategic brilliance made four recess appointments, three to the National Labor Board and one for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Richard Cordray has been named as the Director of the CFPB. Finally! Someone to wield the power granted by the Dodd-Frank bill to institute financial regulatory reform and serve as an intermediary for consumers without the weakening of the bill favored by Wall Street/GOP. Amen.

There is much hue and cry about this from Republicans because they were beaten at their own game. Never mind that the President has used this less than any of his predecessors. They’ve been blocking this appointment using obstructionist, underhanded and transparent tactics for the better part of a year. Imagine holding Pro-Forma sessions for minutes, or even seconds, to effectively say they are not in recess? Amazing.

They are claiming his move is unconstitutional and illegal. Undoubtedly, it will be brought before the Supreme court but the fact remains that they are redefining what a recess is to suit their purposes and it has no historical precedence. They are searching for anything to uphold their vicious attempts to block financial reform that benefits the 99%.

1911 United For President Obama

President Barack Obama has a new, moneyed supporter in this new year — a super PAC dedicated to mobilizing black voters in key swing states.

Calling itself 1911 United, the super PAC is aiming to raise $1.5 million during the election cycle and train its efforts on Colorado, Florida, Indiana, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia, committee treasurer Sinclair Skinner told POLITICO.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0112/70987.html#ixzz1ioKQabtg

How totally awesome is that? Occupy and Movement seem to have become the hottest words in the English language. We owe that to everyday imapssioned and committed people who have stood up to fight for what they believe is right around the globe. It makes me smile to see it. It is no longer enough to talk, it is time to act. The fact that the millenials have become so engaged in world events and the political process is incredibly heartening. That’s all I need to say about that.

December Jobs Report

200,000 new private sectors jobs were created in December and the unemployment rate fell to 8.5%. That’s 22 straight months of achingly slow growth. Read it and weep! It really is getting better and imagine how much quicker things would improve if we had a Democratic majority to work with the President.

I’m still broke but I am indeed optimistic 🙂

Greenwald: Defames President Obama: How Far Is Too Far? (Updated)

It’s no secret that I’ve become an avid fan of Twitter. It’s a great place to meet people who share your interests, learn from prominent thinkers and keep your finger on the pulse of public opinion.

That’s the good side.

But like much of life, there is a bad side as well. Twitter gives you ringside seats to the craziness of others, extreme ideas, hate speech, racism, feminism, sexism and just about any other ism you can name. Even worse than a singular exchange with one disagreeable person, you have their followers to contend with as well as trolls. A phenomenon that I truly dislike.

Sometimes you’re just scrolling along and come upon a brawl in progress that underscores the many negative thoughts you have about human beings. Such was the case of New Year’s Eve, when I came upon a conversation/argument taking place between Angry Black Lady (Imani Gandy), lawyer and blogger of The Grio & ABL Chronicles, and political commentator Glenn Greenwald of Salon.com. Here is the chirpstory which includes the details of the discussion.

The tweets which caught my eye and caused reverberations of shock and outrage from Twitterverse is as follows:



The first tweet is from a follower of Glenn Greenwald and rational folks would say that one can’t be taken to account for the tweets of your followers. However, the second is from Glenn Greenwald and he quite clearly expounds on the previous statement. As if it is acceptable to make such a statement which is a bald faced insult to women and Catholics. As if it is okay to make such a statement about the highest office in the US. As if it’s okay to trivialize the victims of rape. As if it is a reasoned response (example, metaphor, accusation, credible belief etc.) to a request for a debate of facts? Dare I say that it is morally reprehensible? Good, because I am.

For crying out loud, is nothing out of bounds? Well, it damn well oughta be.

He, and several of his followers, go on to defend his comment as a mere metaphor or a joke. Neither of which is accurate or even acceptable but actually goes on to explain that he believes that ABL & her followers would condone such heinous behavior. Imagine that. My mother would call it “stinking thinking”.

It is a bald faced insult to women, reeking of misogyny and it’s mere utterance erodes his reputation as a credible journalist and “critical thinker”. That he writes for Salon, a liberal publication, is deeply disturbing as well. In fact, the whole of his argument and it’s very puerile slant reminded me of shock jock, Rush Limbaugh….but we expect insane statements like that from him. Not from someone whose bio reads as follows:

Glenn Greenwald (email: GGreenwald@salon.com) is a former Constitutional and civil rights litigator and is the author of two New York Times Bestselling books on the Bush administration’s executive power and foreign policy abuses. His just-released book,With Liberty and Justice for Some, is an indictment of America’s two-tiered system of justice, which vests political and financial elites with immunity even for egregious crimes while subjecting ordinary Americans to the world’s largest and most merciless penal state. Greenwald was named by The Atlantic as one of the 25 most influential political commentators in the nation. He is the recipient of the first annual I.F. Stone Award for Independent Journalism, and is the winner of the 2010 Online Journalism Association Award for his investigative work on the arrest and oppressive detention of Bradley Manning.


Two excellent pieces on the scuffle are listed below and and I hope there will be many more as the story makes it’s way around the Net.

And yet, even in the slew of comments in response to his statement, there has been no apology forthcoming from Greenwald. If anything, he has merely tried to justify his statement. There is no justification. I am waiting with baited breath to see the response from Salon.

It speaks to me of media accountability and lack thereof. This is the land of free speech and yes it’s just Twitter but he is employed by Salon, his account is public, he has over 60K fans and such inflammatory, hateful statements should not be allowed in a public forum as a means of making any point. It’s a sad state of affairs that people must descend to, and condone, this level of behavior and then shrug it off as if words don’t have power. The lack of accountability in media outlets is truly getting out of control and it’s completely unacceptable to me. It should be to you as well. They inform the minds of the citizenry. Chew on that for awhile.

If this is the age of accountability we need to demand that the people in public positions behave with a modicum of decency and respect for the public who they purport to serve, protect and inform. I am incredibly tired of seeing hateful and morally reprehensible analogies and statements bandied about by politicians, journalists and the like. It has become an alarming trend which is nothing short of revolting.

Read my lips when I say that will NEVER frequent a post on Salon.com as long as Glenn Greenwald is on their staff, or watch any show on which he is featured. For me, an apology, even should one be forthcoming, will not suffice. All too often, such jokes are merely a clever way of covering over a truth that you don’t have the guts to say seriously. Oh, but I stand corrected, it’s neither a joke or a metaphor, he BELIEVES that such behavior would be possible from his fellow Liberal base. Apparently, we are all just a bunch of Obamabot obsessed emprogs. Not one thinker amongst us. Another way of cleverly dismissing the opposition. I’m just saying…

Mr. Jules Manson: “Assassinate the fucken nigger and his monkey children”

***So, I’ve had to come back and revise my comments since they were truly made in a flash of rage. Justifiable and understandable as it might be, rage is dangerous my friends. It is also dangerous to check the Net in the middle of the night because all kinds of insanity is lurking out there.


After reading this post, I am doing everything I can NOT to curse and throw things. People keep saying that we are living in post-race America and use the election of President Obama to underscore their point. That is complete and utter BS.

It’s a delusional denial by people who don’t have to deal with racism everyday. It’s convenient to WISH that race is not such a big issue but reality simply doesn’t bear this out. People want to know why African Americans spend so much time talking about racism as if we can divorce ourselves from the reality of unseen, and sometimes outright, palpable hatred. When they are living in my skin, they can talk that crap.

As an African-American, I can tell you that the election of Obama was a shining moment in history for the descendants of slavery. Unfortunately, it’s aftermath has brought to the forefront the unreasonable, vitriolic hatred and bigotry. It is shameful, disgusting and inexcusable behavior and it is ALIVE and WELL.

I hope they lock Jules Manson, who as I understand it now is 1/4 Latina, under the jail. That honestly makes it no better in my book and in many ways makes it worse but I guess you don’t get to choose who hates you.



Videos of The Week #2: President Obama Calls For New Nationalism & Historic LGBT Human Rights Speech by Secretary Clinton

I know, I know. I said that I would put our my favorite videos of the week. Well, Monday’s post was really last week’s lol. In any case, you should forgive me because these videos really are a must see. They speak so eloquently for themselves that no commentary is necessary.

Is it just me or is it totally amazing just how many historic things have happened in the last three months alone? I feel god awful for those folks who are doing 2011 lists. It’s been a humdinger for sure 😉


President Obama To Announce Actions On Housing & Student Loans

Check out what President Obama’s been up to here. Color me tickled pink!

Can I say just how proud I am of President Obama? Oh boy, am I. Just think, last week, was full of memorable political milestones. From the death of Gaddafi, to the Announcement of the end of the TEN year Iraq war (cursing the warmonger GWB under my breath) to this latest turn of events that will affect the lives of millions.

Dare I say, that Obama is exercising his political muscle? What a welcome sight it is. These latest announcements move him up a notch, in my estimation, to a brilliant tactician. I can’t wait to hear the details.

The GOP must be wringing their hands and tearing out their hair as this shows them up for the obstructionist jackazzes that they are beneath the roar, rhetoric and stupidity that pollutes their entire camp. I can’t wait to see the backlash. Undoubtedly, there will be a hue and cry as to why this is a bad move but they better tread carefully as the drowning public, at large, will not appreciate their CONTINUE TO DO NOTHING BUT MESS WITH OBAMA attitude.

The soldiers are coming home and they will need something more than parades to feed their families.

Let them eat cake indeed!!!

Is it enough? Certainly not, but it’s a damn good start. 🙂

Walk Softly and Carry A Big Stick

I spend way too much time mulling over the continuing decline of US political integrity and morality. In fact, I have become so vociferous that I have begun to sicken myself. I wish to God they would give me LESS to complain about.

Unfortunately, this is not reality. My complaints are caused by a nagging sense of fear which is only relieved by hilarity. It is my only defense against doom. I realize that had I been born at a different time people might well have labeled me a doomcrier. Today, I am an armchair activist. Yeah and? lol.

I mull over our the continuing decline of President Obama. Like many who love him I had great hopes that for the first time in like forever he would make an impact upon the world and live up to his promises.

Naivete or just Idealism? I’m not sure but I stand by my decision to vote for him and the ideals he espoused. I am loathe to criticize him. The same way I imagine that people were loathe to criticize Kennedy even though his moral compass was clearly flawed but we live in different times and clearly Obama’s decriers have no problem spreading their negativity far and wide. Alot of which I believe is unnecessarily harsh and untrue but, and I sigh as I write this, some of it is true. He is rapidly becoming ineffectual and I believe the reason for this is twofold.

1. Quiet as its kept we did him no favors when the midterm elections shifted power to the Republicans. We made it near impossible for him to succeed at his objectives.

2. HIM.

A good leader recognizes the need to shift tactics based upon the situation confronting him. He must be flexible in his attempts to reach his goal. Life experience shows us this so all this business about his lacking it is just noise. Any perceived weakness in today’s political climate has only one sure result, calls for blood harkening back to the Romans.

It pains me to see him continually using the same tactics to work around his enemy. He is a very intelligent man so surely he knows better. He has been accused of not loving politics and my response to that is “What’s to love?” He would have to be blind to not see that taking the high road avails him little in most people’s eyes. Worse than our opinion is the end result. Most of us just want jobs, damn it. We have clothes to buy and moths to feed and bills to be paid. Of course that’s an oversimplification but quality of life for many is rapidly declining and that is not just an opinion, it’s a sobering fact.

Perception is everything and I believe that he is committing one of the worst offenses a leader can make. He is coming across weak.

Why exactly do you think Schwarzenegger (who I revile btw) was voted into office? Strength in a leader can not be undervalued. It is only one of the many qualities required but it is arguably, one of the most important.

Signs of this are everywhere. From the very first cry of “You lie” during his address to the nation to the latest comments of “tar baby” by so called politicians, he has remained silent. Many folks think he is afraid to be perceived as an angry black man and so he uses his intellect as a weapon. That’s great but unfortunately that is not enough. To quote Teddy Roosevelt, he needs to “walk softly and carry a big stick” which is based on a West African proverb.  Lop off a few heads, secretly or publicly. Destroy a few people who no doubt deserve it. He is after all the President. This is not church. Politics is dirty and if he really thought that he could join the game and yet remain on a high moral ground he was sadly mistaken.

Would it really be so bad if he played a little dirty and stirred up some fright in the halls of Congress? Indeed it is morally objectionable but drastic times call for… Wouldn’t that serve to make his detractors more cautious and respectful? You betcha.

Face it, most people don’t want to get involved. They just want to be led. Yes, that may be wrong but life, my friends, is often not fair, just or equal. Sometimes, we have shake some trees to get our just desserts or get run over in the process.

Here comes the hilarity…

Amongst other things, this post was inspired by Alternative Rap group,  The Pharcyde. They have had me in stitches since they debuted in 91′. If Obama made the song below his mantra I think he would get the respect he needs to make change. As a bonus, Generation Y and sometimes X would absolutely love him :).

*Warning – Contains Adult Content & Politically Incorrect Language*

Have a look and laugh, or cry if you must…


I have come to the conclusion that Obama needs to abandon his attitude of reasonableness and act like a Lion. After all, he is a Leo good God. It pains me to see the Democrats thrown under the bus this way but after their current display of ineffectiveness I would have to say they deserve it.

Can you say emasculated?

The Republicans are dancing in the aisles with their checkbooks and champagne glasses in hand. I guess it’s back to the mines for the rest of us poor suckers.

But you gotta LOVE Stephen Colbert!!!!

Our New National Past-Time of Debt Ceiling Chicken Continues

Here is another great take on the current Debt ceiling Debacle. I love  Danielle Belton’s perspectives. Always thought provoking, hilarious and intelligent. Check out this piece, The Snob Blog – Danielle Belton’s The Black Snob.

The Devil is not in the details, he has taken up residence in Washington DC.

Like many Americans, I am incensed at the current state of affairs in Washington. My favorite saying has become, “If you’re not pissed off, you’re not paying attention.” It has a delightful ring and applies to so many things. The Debt ceiling debacle is symptomatic of how screwed up our government has become. On this evening’s address to the nation President Obama said, “Americans voted for a divided government, not a dysfunctional one…” Unfortunately, that is exactly what we’ve got.

How can anyone deny the growing and massive inequity in the tax code that allows the wealthiest few to pay less than the masses? Why is it so problematic to expect that the wealthy and the corporations pay more into the system to allow fundamental programs to flourish? How can one justify cutting aid to Senior Citizens while millionaires continue coast? Does it make sense to you that teachers who play such a critical role in educating future generations, or pilots who hold lives in their hands daily, barely make a pittance while some idiot who sits behind a desk deferring decisions to his overworked staff rakes in a 150 grand per annum? How can we sit idly by while corpocracy becomes the norm, CEO’s and executives rake in obscene amounts of money while couples rack their brains monthly as to how they will pay their mortgage in a two income household?

Yes, it’s true, I am a Democrat but I am an American first. That being the case, I accept that compromise is needed to serve the interest of all Americans, not just my ideologies, and I expect the government we have voted into office to do what is necessary to make things happen. Not stalemates and standoffs. I do not expect my government to squabble in the streets of Washington, sling mud on TV at one another and to continually disrespect our President just to ensure that yet another Republican can be next in line for election. I think they get paid enough money to do their jobs and yet are failing miserably at it. (Can someone please tell Speaker Boehner that his sour puss face is sickening to behold? He should try smiling every once in awhile.) Such ridiculous behavior is certainly not an indication of the best and the brightest. If these individuals worked for you, to a man, they would be fired. Yet, we sit idly by cursing them in our living rooms and doing nothing.

Many people simply think nothing can be done. This is the reason that they refuse to vote or even pay attention to politics. Instead, they act like the American government are Greek Gods and that we are doomed to live or die like ants at the mercy of their decisions. Sadly, the American public is to blame for the current state of affairs. Had we not been so divided and apathetic in the interim elections the shift in the House would not have occurred which has only strengthened the current atmosphere of dysfunction in Washington.

 I beg to differ with the attitude of apathy that has become so pervasive. As far as I am concerned, the entire system is broken and needs to be replaced. During his speech this evening, President Obama said, “America is an experiment in a mix if ideologies and religions… Out of one, we are many.” What one? The experiment has failed, people. Our political system is corrupt, ineffectual and seemingly irredeemable. If it was a marriage you would ask for a divorce just to save your sanity lol. Seriously though if these people worked for you what would you do? FIRE THEM. Well, they do work for us we are simply not holding them accountable.

Surely we knew the system was broken when Bush made it into office and we all got to add “dimpled chad’s” into our lexicon. No? Well, perhaps you can visualize the look on our former, fearless, leader’s face on 9/11. I will never forget just how lost the man looked which was just symptomatic, in my opinion, of his entire presidency and enduring legacy of poor decisions. Yet, people were remarkably silent about his culpability until he left office and he got eight years to screw us over. Go figure.

Now, consider for a moment, the immorality of those who have been voted into office. What a motley crew of individuals: alcoholics, actors, thieves, liars, swindlers, adulterers, warmongers and racists. I don’t just mean the Presidents, although they may be the easiest to remember, and of course that doesn’t include everyone. It’s just getting more and more difficult to recall an untarnished president and we take the failures of politicians, in general, as par for the course. People seem to believe that morality is of lesser importance today but reality simply doesn’t bear this out.

 There are some who would argue, myself included, that a system is only as good as the people who are executing it. People, by their very nature, are either inherently weak, or subject to corruption which seems to go hand in hand with power. “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” In which case, we can never expect to have a perfect government, regardless of ideology, because face it there are no saints amongst us. Yet, we need gov’t, so the best answer would be to refine what we’ve got.

I can think of a few ideas that might be helpful.

  1. Reduce term limits as a measure of control.
  2. Institute a nationwide vote for matters of National importance, like going to War, raising the debt ceiling etc.
  3. Implement local committees made of up everyday citizens, who serve for 6 months to a year as advisory committees to their local government. Voluntary service with the caveat that they be responsible for public polling and acting as the arm of the people.

I will go on record and say that I love Obama and what he stands for. I still believe that he is a person of great moral fiber, exceedingly intelligent, passionate and committed to the greater good. I believe that his ability to affect change has been limited by big business and the wealth of the Right orchestrating movements against him in some very obvious ways, the current debate notwithstanding.

Opinions aside, something must be done to stop the tide of spiralling dysfunction that has become our Nation’s hallmark. Doing nothing but changing politicians is clearly NOT the answer for the future of our country. I agree with Michael Moore that dissent has become the only effective way to champion change and I think that we need to expand our vision as to what that change should be.

Check out Michael Moore’s video below. His website is www.michaelmoore.com.