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Blogging Resources: One Cool Site


Happy Black History month!!!

New Black History posts will be forthcoming this week, so stay posted.

I’ve been MIA as I work on updating my business website. I’m overjoyed to free myself from the tyranny of the web designers. Yes!!! It’s been a long road, four years in the making, so I’m uber proud :).

My site has been rebuilt using a Premium WordPress theme and it was pretty painless. Most of the information I needed, I found courtesy of the WordPress Forums which contain a wealth of information. Seek and you shall find!! Specifically, I had many questions about formatting and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and found that one member name kept jumping out at me, Timethief. When I went to check her blog I was pleasantly surprised, it contains the motherlode on Blogging, SEO and other technical stuff.

For the technophile in you, check her out at: One Cool Site Blogging Tips. The Blogging Resources Page is BOSS!

May 2013 be your most productive blogging year ever!