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Objects In The Mirror

A new poem from my murky mind. Not chipper today, no siree Bob. But tomorrow, thank God, is another day. It’s interactive, click on the links! 🙂




when I have money again,

I will go to Butter in New York

and wander gilded streets after dark,

drunk on the libation of happiness.


when my load is lighter,

I will dance down the Champs Elysees

destined as I am for Triumph.

My fighter spirit deserves no less.


when the tides change,

I will descend upon my favorite store,

Lord & Taylor,

and run my hands along the furry, silky,

brightly colored fabrics with their false promises of joy.

I will buy nothing just because I can.


when something finally gives,

I will visit the Sistine Chapel

to marvel at the genius of Michaelangelo

and slap the hand of God.


I plan to sit on Aruban sands

beneath the sheltering, contorted arms

of a Divi Divi Tree

and watch the wind fan endlessly

through the pages of a book

written by Me.

Rewarded for my perseverance.


God willing,

I will keep my promise to take my Mom to Africa

It will be her first time flying through the clouds

and touching down in another hemisphere.

Because she gave me the gift of life,

I would give her the world.

And maybe,

when the time is right,

I will make my way to Andalusia

to see the Lipizzaner running free.

But not today.


I must keep my head down

and my back straight

for fear that if I bend

I will break.


hoping and dreaming,

that objects in the mirror

are closer than they appear….