Love Unmasked

Coco Rivers:

Beautiful and insightful.

Originally posted on Life As An Art Form::

mask-of-love1What I have for you is love.

An abiding love to
Propel you through your day,
Inspire you to new possibilities,
Awaken you to the infinite ability in you.

Done right,
Love is a most dutiful eraser and organizer, an equalizer even.
Unconditional and unrelenting in its pursuit,
Gentle in its gait, yet determined in its duty.

Love shoves despair and destitution back into their respective corners,
Confirms and accepts the deciduousness of our blues.
Love knows, wants to know.
Forces us to ask and contend our most gut-wrenching and troubling questions,
Grows us…. somehow.

Love withdraws you from you,
Sheds you….
From that second skin you grew…. for what?

Pulls you from those places which served only to confine you,
Keep things dark,
Keep you in place.

Love exposes you and dresses you up,
All at once!
Replenishes you,
Gets you truly ready for the occasion of your gift-giving.


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